The Itch For Black & White

I have been itching to do some black and white mini project lately. Shooting everything without color makes things a little bit simpler and more challenging at the same time. The colors are usually distractions and can add too much information for the human eyes to process, leading the attention away from the main subject in the frame, or taking away the depth of the story the photographer is telling. Without colors, the scene is plainer, and the focus can be placed directly at the main subject. However, shooting in black and white is not as easy as it seems, you need to have better understanding of light, how to execute contrast in composition and there are many things to avoid as well. I am still a learning photographer in this genre, and I do love black and white. I should do more black and white photography soon. Heck, I even have dressed myself in monochrome for a year or more now, I talked about it here (click).about it here (click). Here are some of my older black and white images. 

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