I brought the 7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II body cap lens which I have purchased recently out for another spin during my shutter therapy session. I thought the almost 35mm equivalent focal length was quite a nice coverage for general street shooting. I have shared my early impressions on this lens before, so I am not going to repeat myself. I did dive in a little deeper in my latest video here (click). In short, I personally think 7Artisans outdid Olympus in their body cap lenses simply because they made them in full metal construction (Olympus had theirs in plastic) with full manual focusing ring which was so much easier to operate (versus Olympus variants having tiny lever for manual focus pull). I shall share some new images shot with the body cap lens on Olympus OM-D E-M10 (original) in this blog entry. 

I saw the Nikon ZF at the YL Photo Fair 2023, largest photo trade event in Malaysia and I asked the people from Futuromic (official distributor of Nikon, Malaysia) if I could have the ZF for a while on my own. They said yes! So I brought the Nikon ZF and Z 40mm F2 out for a quick test, and I managed to make a video to share some quick impressions on the camera (you can find the video here). I thought Nikon ZF will be a hit - they got everything right, nailing the retro inspired design, fitting in beefy specifications with AF system and processing power from their current flagship Z8, including powerful image stabilization which is optimized and linked to the AF target area and all this, in a package of asking price no more than the latest Micro Four Thirds cameras Panasonic G9 II and OM System OM-1. Yet the ZF is a full frame camera and I think this positions the camera extremely high in everyone's wishlist! Of course I cannot do a full review yet, as I only had the camera for less than an hour, and that is OK - it was good enough to convince me that Nikon is heading the right direction. This classic vintage camera design with modern specification strategy is clearly working - I almost, almost pre-ordered one myself. 

Just look at this beauty - similar to their original classic film SLR FM2 design! 

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Last Tuesday (10 October 2023) I had the privilege to attend the YouTube Creator Day 2023 event at Google Office inside the Axiata Tower at KL Sentral. I thought it was not an everyday opportunity to get invited into the Google office and definitely a rare opportunity to connect to the key people at YouTube in person. It was a half day event, packed with dense information sharing about growing a channel, reading and better understaning the Analytics for strategy optimization purposes and there was also a panel speaker to share her tips and experience in growing her YouTube channel. Overall, it was like going back to class, sitting inside a lecture hall absorbing as much data as possible to be processed at a later date, and I wish they shared a little more on the monetization tips, but maybe next time they will. This was after all the first Creator Day after the pause due to the pandemic and lockdowns, and the last similar event I attended was in 2019. It was a fun experience, I did learn a thing or two and met some fellow Malaysian creators, none from the photography/camera crowd, but still cool to see everyone doing their own creative things!

Trying to figure out what secret evil plans Google is hatching inside their lair in KL Sentral
Last weekend has been extremely eventful for me. I was invited by my friend Bihzhu to join her friends to a fishing trip at Kuala Rompin in Pahang. The location was about 4 hours or more drive away from Kuala Lumpur. I encountered my first ever Sailfish, and it was quite a magnificent experience! Also, we had a chance to meet the King (Agong) of the country in that same weekend too! What a crazy adventure it was, and a much needed time away from the city to just chill and spend quality time with truly amazing people. Special thanks to Shamin (from TheMilkfishLady) and Naweshad for hosting us, it was truly an unforgettable experience! I vlogged the fishhing trip of course, you can find the video here (click). 

Image by Shamin Shaimah, used with permission
Youngnuo sent me their budget standard zoom lens for Micro Four Thirds mount, the YN 12-35mm F2.8-4 and I brought the lens to Penang for a wedding reception shoot, as well as some casual snapshots. While I fully tested the lens on an actual job, shooting a wedding, I cannot share the images from the private client, but I can of course share my own personal shots. I thought the Yongnuo 12-35mm is a solid budget option, offering brighter aperture, weather-sealing and better optics than standard kit lenes, yet asking for about half the price of what the PRO grade zooms from Olympus or Panasonic. I did not do a full review this time, I was merely sharing my thoughts on what I liked and disliked about the Yongnuo 12-35mm lens in my latest video here (click).