Many, many years ago I purchased the Panasonic GM1, loved the camera but sold it off to fund for the Olympus PEN E-P5, which was in every way an upgrade, except for compactness in size and weight. I did regret that decision, I genuinely loved having an incredibly small camera that houses full size Micro Four Thirds image sensor and can take all my lenses with no issue. Very recently I found a used unit in the marketplace and at a price I just cannot refuse! Boy oh boy, was I so excited to reacquire the GM1, and I could not wait to do some shutter therapy with it. 
I did a POV street shooting video with the GM1 here (click). 

I recently purchased a cheap Yongnuo 35mm F2 for about USD40. I wanted a 50mm equivalent lens for my Nikon D50, because 50mm is my favourite focal length for street photography. I brought the D50 and Yongnuo 35mm to Malacca streets over one weekend and did some street shooting there. I also recorded a POV video to show you what happened around and in front of me as I clicked the shutter button. You can find the POV video here (click).