Photo by Jason Lioh

I am a photography enthusiast who believes that photography is a lifestyle and a personal creative expression. I discovered photography at the start of my civil engineering career, as an artistic balance to an overwhelmingly technical world. Through photography, I have found so much joy in the process of shooting and sharing my photography journey through my blog, robinwong.blogspot.com. My blog has eventually grown from random photography musings to photography reviews, unexpectedly gaining audience along the way. I have reviewed primarily Micro Four Thirds system cameras and lenses. I was particularly known for adopting a less technical approach in my product review articles and focusing more on user experience and photography heavy approach instead.

Subsequently I left my engineering career when I found an opportunity to utilize my photography skills that can contribute positively to a camera company business. I officially joined Olympus Malaysia (2013) as a product specialist, providing consultation on consumer photography behaviour; organizing consumer related activities and events and supported the sales and marketing team. During my time with Olympus, I have the privilege to work with several leaders and experts in the local photography industry, and have gained much knowledge and experience on overall imaging business in Malaysia.

I have left Olympus Malaysia (2017) to pursue a full time career in professional photography. I shoot portraits, event coverage, weddings for both actual day and pre-wedding shots as well as lifestyle and some food photography as well. 

I personally believe that having fun is the most important thing to do in photography. I have coined the phrase “shutter therapy” which simply means, having an enjoyable time doing a photo walk, either by yourself or with a small group of friends. The mission of my blog is to spread the love and joy of photography, infect my readers with the passion to go out and shoot, and to motivate everyone to grow in photography.

Therefore, shooting is not only a job for me, but it is my genuine passion and I pour my heart and soul into each photograph that I take. Hit me up and let's have a conversation over a cup of coffee!

For business enquiries only: hamish7ian@gmail.com

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  1. For a Christian, I think your comment about "stroking tennis balls" is too sexually suggestive and needs to be rewritten. I don't think it fits with the level of godliness that we as Christians are called to.

  2. Anonymous,
    I would really appreciate if you can leave at least a name.
    The problem many Christians nowadays is trying to be too "godly", and by doing so, putting a mask of pretense in front of everyone, as if we have such high standards of holiness. This disgusts me.

    As for your comment on stroking balls, it is the TECHNICALLY CORRECT term used in tennis, accepted and agreed worldwide. You do not hit a tennis ball, you STROKE it.

  3. Very Interesting, Anonymous! You don´t tell not to stroke balls, you just suggest to rewrite the article...ts ts ts
    Go on doing what you like, Robin, great Blog, I love your photography!

  4. Robin,
    Your art declares the Glory of God and his handiwork. It is unfortunate that someone in the name of Christ can only see the comment about tennis balls in such a way as to feel it is not appropriate. Stoking a tennis ball, basketball, racquetball is a common phrase. Even my ungodly friends would not think of the tennis ball comment as suggestive in any way. It is unfortunate that a Christian would not put the best construction on everything as Martin Luther the great reformer instructs.

  5. With all due respect...Go "Stroke" yourself Anonymous.

  6. Yeah, Anonymous, what's wrong with 'stroking tennis balls'? You have a one-track mind it seems.

    Great photography Robin. And i second what SvenReinhold just said. :-)

  7. Dear Robin,

    the arguments of the "Anonymous with no name" are simply rediculous and therefore just to ignore.

    I write this comment to thank you for your analysis of the new Olympus P3 and for sharing the pictures with us.

    Best regards

  8. Thanks guys for the support, but lets not go too far shall we.

    Walter, you are most welcome. I am glad I could contribute to the community in whatever way I can.

  9. Wow, some people are uptight! I read the stroking balls comment and chuckled! Some Christians need to lighten up!

    Great website Robin, keep it up!

  10. I think Anonymous has a problem.

    I don't think God has this problem.

    Always remember, without sex we all would not be here blogging.

    Best regards

  11. Hello Robin, not only are you a good photographer, but also a good writer!
    And... mission accomplished. I am smiling because I visited your blog. :)
    P.S. I so share your experience with the moon. I looked at her through my binos when she was full last and became rather moonstruck. ;)

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  14. Robin Wong, your photography is just great, I love your wedding stuff..used to do this when I was young many years ago. I also really enjoy your insight into the Olympus E-P3 and the 12-50mm lens. I have bookmarked your blog, will pass it on to others and ignore anonymous remark and keep up the good work!

  15. i just found your blog today while looking for olympus lens. what i can say is your blog is so nice. n i'm very thankful that you shared about your thought and experience.keep it up.=)

  16. Robin: I love your site...The big photos and content is great. Be careful what you think about and what you write for the whole world to see. Tell me what blog theme you are using. I love your lay out...Kimk@4decades.com http://www.4decadesjewelersblog.com/

  17. Robin, what a wonderful site. I actually dreamt about your photos last night. As a mini Pen owner, I really appreciate seeing what Olympus's cameras and lenses can do. Thanks.

  18. Hi Robin, I found you when searching E520 and the recent youtube review was great to see you still love this camera after all these years. I have the E520 since 2007 but only used it a few times. I would really love to pick it up again and learn how to use it properly. I wonder if you have anyone asked you about teaching classes? I'd be interested in learning more basics about using the E520 and various DSLR funcations.

  19. Greetings Robin! Are you still primarily using Capture One? I am currently using both LR and C1 and am giving some strong consideration to letting go of LR (for a number of reasons). Would appreciate your thoughts. Your minimalist post-process routine was a revelation to me (what? now years ago) and I still use it as a template.
    All the best,