It has been 3 years since I last saw Nadir performing live, no thanks to the pandemic and now finally I had a chance to see them again. I went to Riuh! Nao Malacca to catch them live and I shot them with my Olympus OM-D gear. I have captured a live music performance and published the video here (click). I also have shared my shooting experience using the M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 and I talked about why I love that lens so much, that it was one of the reasons that kept me from jumping ship to full frame! Yeap, there was no other lens like the Olympus 75mm F1.8, truly unique, having super sharp optics, with 150mm equivalent reach, super bright at F1.8 yet being so small and light!

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and lenses M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 or 12mm F2. 

I have just published my full review (video here) for the OM System 20mm F1.4 PRO lens yesterday on YouTube. This time I shall skip writing a blog article review, because I have been overwhelmed with work and travel recently. I have been travelling two weekends back to back, from previously in Kuantan for 3 days to just last weekend in Malacca for 4 days. In between I have shoots, meetings and still actively creating content for my YouTube, well, because YouTube videos pay my bills and that takes priority over this blog. I know some of you have mentioned you prefer reading reviews in article format than watching in video, but this time I have to just go with the video. 

I did bring the OM System 20mm F1.4 PRO out for street shooting, after all the 40mm equivalent focal length is popular for street photographers. I am sharing my photographs taken from the street outing, which I have also made a POV video (here) to show you how I got my shots. I am sharing some of my shots in this entry! All images shot on the E-M1 Mark III. 

I always believe in minimalism when it comes to my shutter therapy sessions. When I shoot on the street, I want to keep things as simple and as straightforward as possible, and I find a lot of new photographers struggle with this. I am sharing a few tips on how to shoot more effectively on the street and I think minimalism is the way to go. I have also done a POV street video showing you what's happening around and in front of me before I click the shutter button. This time I went to Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur with my friends Jon Low and Andrew Chow and I was shooting with the Fujifilm X100F. POV video here (click). 

I got the OMSystem 20mm F1.4 PRO lens on loan OMD World (local distributor for Olympus/OMSystem) and I tagged along my friend Kieron Long (Leica Ambassador) to shoot at a fishermen village, Kampung Telaga Air in Borneo. I was visiting my mum in Kuching, so at the same time I took the opportunity to put the lens through some torture test. Special thanks to Suffian Sabeli who hosted us and became our tour guide, bringing us on boat around to shoot the fisherman doing his thing out in the ocean. This was definitely something very new and refreshing for me, out of the usual urban vibes, and I enjoyed myself shooting the fisherman and exploring the nearby village after that. I am still testing the 20mm PRO lens and collecting sample images, a review will be coming for sure. Of course, I also vlogged this session in POV style video, you can see it here (click). 

Images were all shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and OMSystem 20mm F1.4 PRO lens. 

Normally I'd write an accompanying review article here in this blog together with a YouTube review video, but I am making an exception this time. I was travelling to my hometown Kuching for 2 weeks, and I was busy spending time with mummy dearest, celebrating her birthday, and catching up with relatives and friends. I had very little time for myself while I was in my hometown. The review video was made before that trip, and I made sure I mentioned everything I wanted to say about the lens review there. I shall not repeat them in this article format, I have just returned to Kuala Lumpur and I needed rest and time to recover before I am back fully functional and going full swing again. You can find my review video for the OMSystem 40-150mm F4 PRO lens here (click). 

Instead, I shall share my favourite shots taken with the lens during my test shoots. All images were shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and OMSystem 40-150mm F4 PRO. Lens on loan from OMD World Imaging (local distributor for Olympus/OMSystem products). 

In case you missed it recently I have acquired the dinosaur Nikon D50 and 50mm F1.8 for cheap (USD60) and I have been going nuts doing my shutter therapy with this combo. You can read that article here (click). Someone commented on my YouTube video recently that I should not waste my money buying such old cameras which will collect dust, and use them to fund the OM-1 instead. Man, I have only purchased half a dozen old cameras or so  and they all cost me less than USD300-400 in total, which if I don't like any of them I can resell with minimal loss. How the heck did the guy think that these can fund a USD2200 camera is beyond me. And certainly, NONE of these cameras are collecting dust.