I managed to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone which is also a flip phone, in 2020. As I was looking through the available reviews online I realised that maybe it was not the best decision to do a review for this device, after all I am not a tech reviewer. Many have done a great job reviewing it. However, having used the Z Flip for about 2 weeks now, I do find myself enjoying the phone more than I initially expected and there are certain aspects about this flip smartphone that are truly unique. I thought it is more appropriate to just share what I like about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip instead!

Here is a video version which I have uploaded to my NEW YouTube Channel. Yes, you heard that right, I have started a new channel, a spin-off to talk about non-photography/camera/Olympus related topics, such as this smartphone. 

Life in Malaysia is starting to slowly return to normal, and people are already crowding the public places such as the malls. I took this opportunity to catch up with some people, and finally get back to the normal weekend routines - overpriced coffee, hanging out, and hipster food. Sim, Van and myself went to a local cafe Wizards in Bukit Bintang, and it was really great catching up with friends after being isolated for so long. It has been 3 months since I saw anyone and indeed, what a relief to be able to mingle and speak to human beings face to face again. We humans are social creatures after all. 

 Sim's Bao, I think it was chicken in the filling. I remember they only had two variations of Bao previously, Unagi, and something else, and I loved their Unagi Bao. Now they have a lot more!

 Van ordered Budu (something something), man why do the dish names have to be so bombastic. Love the blue rice though!

I ordered this. I swear I was looking for a different menu item. Previously this was known as Sally Bowles but I did not know they changed the name to Salmon Tataki Don (something like that). And I really wanted Salmon. I know you guys have seen this bowl of hipster dish for so many times already over the years, so this repetition this time was not intentional. 

Some funky Horlicks ice-cream, this is a new item in their menu, just released a day prior to our visit. I saw Horlicks, I immediately ordered it. 

Portrait of Van, check his work out at his blog!

Selfie of me and the boys. Van was holding the E-M1 Mark III obviously. The selfie was shot with something which I will be writing about here very soon. 

The past week has been an expectedly draining one. There were just too many incoming messages, through emails, YouTube comments, Facebook, I am starting to feel like I am drowning. I decided to stop replying to the mass comments, especially the ones for YouTube at the time being, for my own mental health's sake. It was depressing so see so many people being so unreasonably negative. 

It was indeed a much needed session to decompress, and just enjoy the company of positive vibes, good food and heavy dosage of caffeine. Thankfully we were allowed to go out and eat in restaurants/cafes again, I cannot imagine the horror of going through this past week being trapped inside the four walls of my room. Just being around amazing people helped a lot, and I was also glad to find my friends doing quite well despite the past months of aggressive lockdown in Malaysia. 

The next coming week will be quite challenging for me, but hopefully not as emotionally damaging as the last one. There are a few things that I look forward to, and you will see this blog here being updated more frequently than usual. I know, I know, this blog has been neglected somehow, after my more serious venture into growing my YouTube Channel over the past one year. I will try to keep this place more posted, with smaller entries like this one, just a quick sharing of a tiny slice of what's happening in my life. This was what my blog used to be like, just me sharing my weekend adventures, which usually involved photography somehow. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. 

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