The Monochrome Photographer

For more than a year now, I have been dressed in full monochrome schemes. I was partially inspired by Wesley Chan from WongfuProductions who also mostly dressed himself in black, white and gray. There is a certain appeal to looking completely lacking of bright colors, and the simplicity of matching outfits - all monochrome colors go well together. I started having darker clothing, many black shirts and pants because being a photographer, especially when I am on assignment, it is best to wear everything dark. It is an unofficial dress code, but this dress code has spilled to my casual, non-work clothing. It is also fun to find different variety of color-less shirts, pants and shoes. With the absence of colors, patterns and design become more important, but I have always opted for simplicity. Anything plain works for me. Now that I dress myself in monochrome, maybe I should do more black and white photography!

Image taken by Jojo (IG @jojoelisan), used with permission

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  1. Now wouldn't it be nice to see the Robin Wong take on one of the Leica Monochrom models? If you can ever rent or lend a Q3 Monochrom or something similar to review, I bet that would be a video/blog post ❤️

    1. Nope, quite impossible to find any of them here.

    2. Yeah, here where I live (Brazil) they're also impossible to find. But here, even Olympus and Panasonic are nowhere to be seen: Sony and Canon, and if you search hard some Fuji, are pretty much the only options 💔
      My entire M43 collection is imported or brought back from trips abroad.