I Will Use Olympus Until I Die #sarcasm

Every single time I posted a topic about other formats than Micro Four Thirds, I get such loud backlash that it was almost a crime to just look at anything other than Olympus/OM System or Panasonic Micro Four Thirds product. Case in point - I posted an upcoming weekly Live Stream with the topic on Nikon Z6 III, which was quite an interesting camera and worth taking a closer look, I'd say. Before even the stream started (at this time of writing, one day before the stream) I have received dozens of comments bashing my choice of topic - some said "wow Robin you are a traitor", "Robin this is such a clickbait", "now Micro Four Thirds is not good enough? What crazy talk" "so now you are backtracking your words Robin?" "Robin, since you left Olympus, your opinion is no longer objective". Just by posting a Nikon Z6 III topic, I did not say I jump ship, I did not say I am leaving Micro Four Thirds, I did not say anything about giving up on my Olympus OM-D System, just by posting Nikon's latest camera topic, I get all these jabs. 

Image by Jaya Prithivi Raj, used with permission

Honestly, these overwhelmingly petty comments are getting on my nerves. 

Over the past more than 10 years, have I not proven to be one of the largest, and most loyal Micro Four Thirds supporters out there? If everything that I have done means nothing, then I'd rather just move on and do something else. I have shared countless tips and tricks on using OM-D cameras, reviewed so many Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses and showed how capable this system is, through many shoots and shutter therapy sessions, in various challenging shooting environment. If all these amount to nothing, and did little to bolster my credibility as a photographer and content creator, how else can I convince people to trust me?

I am a photographer. As a photographer, I love looking at cameras. ANY camera. I love all cameras, any shape, any size, any medium, any brand. I see a Pentax I get curious. I see a Sony I get excited. I see a Canon I get interested. Why should I just force myself stick strictly to one camera system? That is so boring, and not a wonderful way to live as a photographer. I am not longer tied to any brands, I have left OM System years ago, and I should be free to explore anything I want. I have an appetite for cameras and that appetite is growing. It is much like ice-cream, why limit yourself to just Vanilla? How about all the other 2765 flavors? Don't you want to switch things up a little and have more fun?

The thing is, I have not given up on Micro Four Thirds. At least not yet. After I left OM System I could have dumped the entire system and started fresh. I did not do that. I still find Micro Four Thirds to be more than sufficient to do what I need for both my professional shoots and personal projects. I see no reason to jump or switch to any other system. However, that does not mean I cannot try, explore and buy other cameras to use and have fun with! Yes, Micro Four Thirds is my main system, but why strictly adhere to just singular platform, where the world has so much more to offer? I have been playing with older DSLR from Nikon D50, to 1 inch camera system like Sony RX100, to Fuji's X100F, I am infinitely curious about cameras, and I want to satisfy that itch. How is that so wrong, that every time I posted something other than Micro Four Thirds, I get "oh Robin is a traitor" "Robin you are such a hypocrite" "Robin why did you give up on Micro Four Thirds?"

There is a reason why I disabled DMs on Instagram and Facebook Page. These kinds of messages they do damage my mental health severely, and I just need to protect my own sanity. 

I have openly said the OM System OM-1 was not good enough for me. I won't repeat the whole discussion on AF issues and how the image quality was the same as E-M1 Mark II, and I have rolled back to my old E-M1 Mark II as my main workhorse. That camera is coming to 7 years old now. it was launched in 2016 when I was still working for Olympus. It was a great camera back then, and it still performs very well today, delivering great shots that my clients are happy with. On the other hand, how long do you think the E-M1 Mark II will last? Obviously, it won't last forever. And when it dies, it is just a matter of time, what is going to happen next? None of the current flagships in the Micro Four Thirds camp offer significant enough upgrade to the E-M1 Mark II. None. Yes, there are better video specifications and capabilities, but I am not a videographer, I am a photographer, most of you should know that by now. Image quality wise, Micro Four Thirds has been stagnant for the longest time. And the AF system even went a few steps backwards, that I cannot trust the OM-1 for my serious shoots. Don't you think, it would be wise to look elsewhere? To start considering the next camera that is a little more future proof?

But no. Once I started talking about another camera, all hell breaks loose. So, what do you really want? You want me to use Olympus until the day that I die, and I cannot touch any other camera? 

In my earlier days of blogging, and when I started YouTube, I was a lot more "crowd pleasing" I admit. I care about what most people say, and would try not to antagonize anyone, in hopes that people will continue to support me. 

After doing this for soooooooooooo many years, now I believe it is time I put myself first, I place my own beliefs and do what I want first, then anyone else. If you are rude to me, I won't entertain you. I find myself replying less and less to comments because of this. People are just mean. People write cruel things and accuse me of things I do not deserve. And they seem to enjoy it. What do you want to achieve really? So nope, I won't take this anymore. I will just be myself, continue to stay true to myself and I won't change that. I will be honest, as always, and if that means I have step on a few toes along the way, I will just have to do that. 

Fanboyism is a problem. Can't we just enjoy cameras without all this drama?

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  1. Hi Robin, I found your Youtubes on the Olympus cameras and I bought to try out. I started with the EM5 MKI, then after a few years, to the EM5MKII while still maintaining and using my Pentax FF K1 and crop KP. A few years later got myself the EM1MKIII and a couple of years later, the Fujifilm X-T5. Just this year, got my hands on 2nd hand Nikon D850 and Df. I use all sorts of brands and for different genres of photography.
    I do not understand why one must stick to a particular brand to shoot.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Please keep going your way! I subscribe to everything which you wrote.
    I love MFT for its strengths, for its portability and for what it enables me to do with it. But this doesn’t prevent me from using Sony FF for other types of photography, where FF has advantages. I am still committed to using MFT, but I am not married with it.
    Like you and for the same reasons, the M1ii continues to be my work horse for everyday MFT photography; my OM1 (Mark I) is mainly used with the 150-400, which does not work well with the M1ii.
    As you may remember, I was one of the initiators of the OM-1 firmware petition, which collected over 2000 signatures. In this petition, we had highlighted also the importance of trust, based on open communication with users and on a credible commitment to protecting the value of the considerable investments which we photographers make in photographic gear. So, future investments which I will make will go to the brand which comes closest to building and sustaining my trust in these values.
    In other words: I will continue to read attentively whatever you write, be it about MFT, FF, or other gear!

  3. Good points Robin, I agree entirely. I own three systems: oly, fuji and Pentax. My favored camera is the pen ep7 because I can keep it in my pocket! Second best is fuji xe3: I can keep it in my pocket if I use the 27 mm pancake lens. Having more cameras is fun and they are worth so little that selling them would be nonsense.

  4. Hello Robin, just continue to research and enjoy every camera from the brand you like. That's also what I do as a hobby photographer. I started with the Sony A700, later followed by the Sony A99, which I still have with various brands of lenses. An Olympus m5 original with pancake Panasonic for every day. Your blog and videos are appreciated.

  5. Robin,,,I am a dedicated Oly M 4/3 user. But the unwritten rule for M 4/3 users is we know the limitations of our system and can discuss them intelligently! If or when my grand kids get into indoor sports, I might likely get a full frame for that for the lower light capabilities. So what? One can have two systems can they not? I have two cars, two tennis rackets and two of a lot of things. I asked the wife if I could have a second wife and well, she put her two feet down on that one! Joking aside, gear is gear. Keep up the good work.

  6. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Unfortunately, camera enthusiasts are often childish, tribal brutes...
    I do enjoy your M43 content, and will be sad if you definitely drop the system. But I'll keep reading and watching your content nonetheless, as it's not about the gear only. I am actually doing the same, nowadays I have, besides a large M43 collection , a Panasonic S5, two Nikon 1" CXs and a Sony RX0 II (surprisingly good for stills @ 24mm equiv.)
    Whatever you do, you'll keep your loyal public ☺️

  7. I have used Olympus m43 for over 13 years, and at this point, what is keeping me tied to the system is my investment in lenses and the size and weight of my kit, compared to moving back to APSc or FF. OM has been a disappointment so far given the lack of any meaningful improvement in image quality, no mid range camera with decent AF tracking and subject recognition, and lack of product development beyond what was already in the pipeline at Olympus, minor upgrades of Olympus developed products, and Sigma rebadged lenses.

    Frankly, The new Fuji X-T50 is tempting, and its 40mp apsc sensor would certainly provide a performance boost from my EM-5iii. If the new 16-50mm kit lens is good, I would consider it.