I have started doing Live Streaming on YouTube about more than half a year ago, regularly on my channel, typically on Thursday night 10pm, Malaysian time. I have written before about my intentions why I started Live Streaming, the challenges that I faced and how I worked around them, you can find my previous articles here and here. Since my last update more than 3 months ago, there has been some small changes which I do want to explore and talk about in this blog. It has been quite fulfilling being able to reach about 150-200 people concurrently during a live session, and throughout the entire stream, thousands of people. My Live Stream is definitely a work in progress, so from time to time it is important to sit down, reelect and make adjustments for further improvements. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends who are celebrating this incredibly beautiful festival. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 

My friends and I decided to take a short evening walk along Kampung Baru, a Malay village settlement located right smacked in the middle of the city, just adjacent to the metropolitan Kuala Lumpur City Center. This is also my frequent street hunting grounds. Our primary objective was just to observe the festive celebrations by the residents there and document whatever we can, without being intrusive. Everyone in Kampung Baru was super joyous. I brought along the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8, which is the perfect combo for this photowalk. I captured a mix of the surrounding environment, with human elements in the frames. The cloudy weather added to the overall atmosphere, and made the walk a little more bearable, as we have had quite a bad heat wave hitting Malaysia in the past several weeks. 

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the largest festive celebration in Malaysia. Though Eid is a Muslim celebration, we do it with our own style here. Everyone dressed up in traditional costumes and looked their best for the festive days. They will visit each other's houses, all prepared with scrumptious feasts. We even got invited to one of the houses for a feast! Unfortunately, the invite came at the start of our walk, so we wanted to explore the area and have some shutter action first before sitting down for dinner. It was a pleasant walk, and definitely invoked some nostalgia in me, as me and my friends back in my high school days, used to visit Malay Muslim friends during Raya too. Such good, old times. 

Here are some of my curated shots (cut down to 10), Raya at Kampung Baru 2024. 

Typical scene in Kampung Baru, with tall gigantic KLCC towering over the village 
I have been on a self-induced calorie-deficit for the past 2 months and I gotta tell you, eating healthy is not fun. But hey, I am not getting any younger, so staying in shape, or doing my best to improve my fitness is as important as shutter therapy (almost). When I do get to indulge, oh, my, goodness, I love love love food so much. I am one of those people who live to eat and I am not ashamed to admit it. Gluttony could be my sin, but how can anyone not love food? 

A funny story - My friend Matti Sulanto asked my other friend, Charmaine "which do you prefer, to cook the food or to take pictures of them?" No one asked my opinion and I chimed in "I prefer to EAT THEM of course". 

Omellete with Waffles
I remember when the Olympus OM-D E-M5 original was launched in 2012, I thought there was no other camera like it. The E-M5 Original showed the world that a compact sized mirrorless camera can be used in a professional shooting environment - the camera was solidly built with magnesium alloy construction, sealed against splash and dust, has ultra-fast and reliable AF system, has a viewfinder built in, featured new 16MP image sensor that has dramatically improved resolution, dynamic range and high ISO performance in comparison to predecessors, and the camera also introduced 5-Axis Image Stabilization, which is staple in every single flagship camera from any brand today. The E-M5 original was ahead of its time, it became the default blueprint of how to make a good mirrorless camera for everyone. I revisited the E-M5 original, took it out for some shutter therapy action, and I shared my thoughts on how OM Digital Solutions can recapture the magic of the E-M5 original in my latest video (click here). Micro Four Thirds was the pioneer and leader that spearheaded the mirrorless revolution, I think they can do it again. 

If you have followed the April Fool's crossover between myself and my friend Matti, you would have come across the Nikon Z5, which I claimed to have purchased myself. That was not part of the April Fool's joke, it was true, I bought a Nikon Z5. I found one unit in the used market in excellent condition at a very good price, in fact it costs about 20% of the full retail price of the new OM System OM-1 II, and I figured I had nothing to lose getting the Z5. After all, if I, for whatever reasons do not like the Z5, I can always re-sell it in the used marketplace. So far, I have not that many issues with the Z5, and have been very impressed with its overall performance, and what you can get out of so little money spent! For my full thoughts, I have shared my opinion on the Z5 on Matti' channel here (click). 

I have fixed the danggling rubber cover at the side of the camera. I bought replacements and attached them on the camera. The Z5 now looks like new. 

The Nikon Z5's size and weight are about the same with the OM System OM-1 that I have, it is slightly heavier, but the difference in weight is negligigle. Small cameras like Micro Four Thirds system are getting bigger, and big cameras like Full Frame Mirrorless are getting smaller. While the Nikon Z5 was designed for beginners, as the lowest level, entry level full frame mirrorless option from Nikon's latest Z format, I find a lot of features packed into the humble camera, which can make a huge difference in real world shooting conditions. 

The Z5 features dual card slots, which I truly appreciate! While the camera is budget friendly, it is built with magnesium alloy construction, hence the body is robust. Also, the Z5 is weather-sealed against dust and splash! I also appreciate the inclusion of 5 Axis Image Stabilization, rated at respectable 5 EV stops compensation. I really like the tilt up and down LCD screen, as opposed to swivel articulated screens from Olympus/Panasonic bodies. The Z5 also features some modern tech, including the AI human face and eye tracking, which I have found to work extremely well, even better and more reliable than OM System's implementation in OM-1.

The Z5 isn't perfect, it was made as an entry level camera, and that shows. The electronic shutter/silent mode is completely useless, having too much rolling shutter issues. The burst rate is unimpressive at 4.5 frames per second. Most disappointingly, the video recording is restricted to 1.7x crop if you go 4K, which made this quite useless for any vlogging or video work. Most people these days would gravitate toward a proper hybrid camera that can do both video and stills reasonably well. If you need to do some video, I'd say the Z5 is definitely out of your list of considerations. 

If video is not your thing, like myself, though I have a YouTube channel, I am primarily a photographer, the Z5 is truly an impressive camera. I cannot deny that the Z5, being a full frame camera, produces image quality beyond what a smaller format Micro Four Thirds is capable of. Outside of that, there is a lot in Z5 that made it truly a remarkable entry point to full frame. Considering the low price point, it is a no brainer beginner camera alternative that can compete very well in the market. 

I cannot make my full conclusion on the Z5 yet, during my short shooting sessions with it, I do have some issues, all of them minor, perhaps I shall talk about them in the future. More to come!

Stay tuned for more Nikon Z system content!

Don't worry, I have not abandoned Micro Four Thirds, for those of you wondering. As a photographer, I am infinitely curious about other camera systems, and I do love all cameras in every brand and shape! 

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It was in December 2023 that I went on a weekend out of Kuala Lumpur with a few friends, and I brought along the Fujifilm XF1. I intended to do some street shooting with the XF1, and the camera died on me halfway through the session. There was the infamous "Lens Error" and after about 2 hours of troubleshooting to get the camera to work again, I gave up. Instead, for the rest of the session, I whipped out my smartphone (then, I was using Asus Zenfone 8) and continued with my shutter clicking action. Of course the smartphone was not as good as a dedicated camera, no comparison here, but it was still alive and was able to shoot images. Instead of whining and feeling dejected for the rest of my trip, I decided to take up the challenge of using the inferior phone, and enjoyed the walk and shoot session with my friends. Here are just a handful of shots from that session. Chase Jarvis was right, the best camera is indeed the one you have with you. 

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I probably had too much fun making the crossover videos on Matti's and my YouTube channels. If you have not seen the videos, I think it is definitely worth spending a bit of your time checking them out, here and here. You know the movies and TV shows that have crossovers? Much like Superman appearing on Batman's film, we thought we would do something really cheeky for April Fool's day. Matti arrived in KL just one week before 1st April, and we had too much exceitement drafting ideas and filming our prank videos, and this was the time when we could let loose and just say about anything that we wanted to say!