I spent a rather relaxing Sunday with my friend Jackie having brunch, did a bit of shopping and trying out some audio gear. We went to Ante, a pork specialist restaurant for their famous pork steak and boy oh boy it was such a satisfyingly meal! I don't know any other places in Kuala Lumpur that serves Pork Steak. On the other hand, pork chops or other kinds of pork dishes are plenty available everywhere, but not specifically Pork Steak! After the sinful lunch, we walked around the 1 Utama shopping mall and got some clothes, Jackie needed some new outfits as he was returning to work in office. I needed some more formal looking shirts as I was starting to shoot more in a corporate environment. Then we ended our adventure at one last stop at Starspicker Audio Cafe, trying out various audio gear. I spent at least an hour with the Hifiman Ananda, it was definitely out of my budget at the moment but keeping it in my wishlist. I'd say, a full Sunday well spent! Of course I vlogged about this and you can find it here (vlog link). 

Something Lime Lychee Something Soda

Jackie Attacking The Pork Steak

Pork Ribeye

Jackie, also vlogging for the day

Hifiman Ananda

Starspicker's Collection

Source of music - Sharp Aquos R6 with Ibasso DC-03 DAC/AMP dongle.
Software Poweramp

Another view of Starspicker Audio Cafe

My mini workstation while Jackie hijacked my phone

What do you guys think of a Sony music player?

Jackie having Eargasm, maybe

The vlogging continues

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I have been looking for Pentax K-01 for a while now just for the unconventional and unique design of the camera. I finally found a used unit in a near mint condition selling at a price I cannot refuse! It has been a while since I was truly excited about a camera, and this 10 years old Pentax mirrorless got me out shooting a few rounds on the street. While the Pentax K-01 received generally underwhelming reviews everywhere, there are a few things that I do like about the camera, and I am sharing my thoughts and experience shooting with the camera in this entry. 

I have also made a video on Pentax K-01 here (click). 

Can't resist the funky design!
I borrowed the Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens from my friend Amir Shariff and did some shutter therapy with that lens on my own Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. I have actually shared my thoughts on this lens before, you can check out my previous full review article in Ming Thein's site here (click). I won't repeat what I have written before here, but I can confidently say after shooting with this lens again this round, my findings are consistent with what I have written before, and I shared my thoughts in my latest YouTube video instead (click here). In short, the lens is just too large for a Micro Four Thirds prime and I was disappointed with the uncomfortably soft images shooting wide open at F1.4. I cannot recommend this lens to anyone, there are better options out there. For this entry, I shall just spam the new images I have taken in the past few weeks with this lens. 

I was shooting my friend Bihzhu performing live at Bobo, KL and I thought I can share my experience from that night with you guys here. The last time Bihzhu performed to a live audience was two years ago which I also shot, and was reviewing the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV. No thanks to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns in Malaysia, the local musicians have been deprived from the opportunity to perform live on stage, and I am so glad to finally catch Bihzhu live again after all this time. It was a Friday night and I could not have asked for a better evening with awesome music and some shutter clicking action. 

I also recorded some of the songs Bihzhu performed live and compiled into a vlog, updated on my second channel, you can find the vlog here (click). 

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