I found a crazy cheap used old compact point and shoot Sony camera, the Cybershot T70 for less than RM50 (USD10?), and I thought it would be fun to bring it out for some shutter therapy. The camera works fine 70% of the time, behaving as it should, but the other 30% it just shakes like it drank too much coffee, the image stabilization motor was faulty and causes severe vibration on the entire camera. The resulting images came out surpringly interesting! That's the risk of buying used, old cameras, sometimes you end up with unexpected issues, in this case, art making machine. 

An example of the "artistic" effect from the shaking Sony T70. 
I just could not help myself when I stumbled upon the 7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II body cap lens on Shopee (online shopping platform in Malaysia) and decided to get it. I had zero expectations as the lens does seem like it was made to be just for fun and not for anything serious, and for the low price I'd not expect any miracles either. I paired the 7Artisans body cap lens with my Olympus PEN Mini and had a short photowalk, which I also recorded a POV street shooting video to show what happens in front and around me before I pressed my shutter button. I also share some thoughts on zone focusing (Ricoh shooters called it "snap focus") in that same video here (click). 

I spent the past weekend in Ipoh, a city about 3 hours' drive north from Kuala Lumpur. My friend Spencer was attending a colleague's wedding, so I took this opportunity to join him along the ride out of city, for a short weekend escape. We had too much food, and it was indeed nice to just eat and not worry about work or making content for a while. I brought along the Canon 5D and 50mm F1.8 lens and took some shots from this spontaneous, short trip. I really love the colors that the Canon 5D produces, there is just some magic that I cannot describe. 

One day, out of total randomness I decided to sign up for a Nikon Photowalk happening here in Kuala Lumpur. It was an official event, organized by Futuromic (caretaker and distributor of Nikon in Malaysia) and I did have some friends there which I met and caught up with. I brought along my Nikon D600 and 50mm F1.8 D and had some fun joining the group for a walk along the streets. The theme for the day was black and white, and I did submit my monochromatic images to the group. However, the day was just too colorful to stick strictly to black and white, and here in my own blog I can show whatever I want, so I am celebrating all the wonderful colors from that photowalk session. Also I made a video from that same images I took from this session, explaining why I love using 50mm for my street photography, you can find the video here (click).