Hey guys, in case some of you have taken the trouble to check this page for my latest review of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, I have published a full review of the new camera at Ming Thein's site here (click). 

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Special shout out to my beautiful friend, Carmen Hong who agreed to model for me so last minute, during my shoot reviewing the E-M10 Mark III.

After all the flirting with Huawei's latest flagship models such as Mate 9 Pro and P10, both featuring Leica co-engineered dual camera module, it definitely is a surprise for most to discover that I have recently purchased a new Nokia 6 for my own personal use. What a huge downgrade! And Robin, seriously, a Nokia?

I have been using the Nokia 6, a budget Android smartphone released by HMD Global for more than a week now, and despite the mostly lukewarm reception by tech reviewers and gadget sites in general, I find myself loving this phone more than I initially have expected. Yes, the Nokia 6 comes with the lowly Snapdragon 400 series processor, runs on basic 1080p screen, a seemingly ordinary and mediocre 16MP camera with an F2 lens. There really is nothing to write home about, based on paper specifications. So what is the reason for such a huge scale down?

I chose the silver version, because I think I have too many black gadgets. Something shinier and brighter can be a little refreshing. 

The burger craze has been around in Malaysia for several years now, but it never fails to amaze me how they reinvent the menu and make things relevant. The most recent hype that got all the attention of Instagrammers and food bloggers was the Nasi Lemak Burger. Initially I was not paying much attention to it since a popular trend would eventually fade off while everyone will jump to the next hip thing to try. However, after finally having the chance to try one myself, at the Myburgerlab earlier this evening, I must say the Nasi Lemak Burger exceeded my expectations, in every single way!