Robin X Matti Crossover Was So Fun!

I probably had too much fun making the crossover videos on Matti's and my YouTube channels. If you have not seen the videos, I think it is definitely worth spending a bit of your time checking them out, here and here. You know the movies and TV shows that have crossovers? Much like Superman appearing on Batman's film, we thought we would do something really cheeky for April Fool's day. Matti arrived in KL just one week before 1st April, and we had too much exceitement drafting ideas and filming our prank videos, and this was the time when we could let loose and just say about anything that we wanted to say!

We conceived the idea as far back as January this year. Initially we wanted to do a simple collaboration video where we share certain photography tips and tricks, or maybe have a friendly argument about gear, or anything in general. Matti was here in Kuala Lumpur from November 2023 to January 2024, and then he left and spent some time in Melbourne, Australia, and he returned to KL in late March. We could not film anything during November to January, partly because I was too busy with work, and also, we did not have any solid ideas to go on with. When I started planning out videos for the year and brainstormed for ideas on what to do for April Fool's day, then I realized, hey, I can do something crazy with Matti!

Of course, Matti was down, and we started plotting our plans, the more we discussed the more insane the ideas become. We cannot help it, it was April Fools, so anything goes! I thought it would be the great time for me to vent about OM Digital Solutions, as I said, "well if they want wildlife photographers so much, and I am not one, maybe I should just give up on them!". Basically. I appeared on Matti's channel and revealed some "truths" about him, and he did the same on my channel. 

Matti reminded me that this year is the 10th anniversary of our friendship! I first met Matti back in 2014, I was still working for Olympus Malaysia back then. How time flies! I have learned so much from Matti, and he was the one who inspired me to pursue a career in YouTube, so I do owe him quite a bit. 

And I cannot wait to plan what to do for next year's April Fool's!

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