Older DSLR Is Great For Learning Photographers

I brought the Canon 5D Original out for a shutter therapy session recently and realized how older DSLR is perfect for newcomers to photography. Modern digital latest cameras have too many advanced tech and features that took away the need for the photographer's input in photo taking. The older DSLR does not have what you see is what you get live exposure simulation, as you adjust your exposure you need to know what you are doing without clutches. Also, the older cameras do not have advanced human face/eye detect tracking AI Autofocus, and you need ot use older center focus and recompose technique that require a lot more effort before pressing the shutter button. There is also no image stabilization or super high burst speed for spray and pray, you need to make every shot count. Shooting discipline becomes more important, and when you are learning the craft. these limitations will help you to grow. My latest video here (click). 

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