Join My YouTube Membership!

I have enabled YouTube membership, and you can join it here (click). 

The perks that you get from just spending the price of a cup of coffee for a month include:
1. 24 hours early access to my new videos
2. Exclusive members only Live Stream sessions, once a month (date to be decided, and will start after 20 or more members have joined). 
3. Priority replies to comments. 

Everything else about the channel remains the same, I will still release new videos every single week without fail, and I will still do my weekly live streams. So as a member, you get to see the videos one day earlier than everyone else, you get to chat to me more directly through members only streams. 

Since I have put so much effort and time into YouTube, more and more recently, I thought it would be prudent to explore their native membership options, that can enhance the experience of subscribers. I look forward to making more videos and interact with all you awesome people! 


Please support me & keep this site going:

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