Low Light Shooting Job With Olympus E-M1 Mark II

I don't get the chance to share a lot of job images, mainly because some of my clients are quite private, and some jobs I was doing for government agencies and they won't appreciate the images of the ministers being plastered on some random YouTube video, or appear on blogs here. I was fortunate to be shooting a show at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) recently with my Olympus E-M1 Mark II which I am allowed to share here! It was a live music show in a rather dimly lit environment with the performers constantly moving, and I had to crank up the ISO up to 12800 in some situations. I shared more about the challenges and how I overcome them in my latest video here (click). I shall share these fresh images here, mostly shot from ISO3200 to ISO12800, with Panasonic 9m F1.7, Olympus 17mm, 45mm and 75mm F1.8 lenses. 

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  1. Just watched the video and it's nice to see that you think the E-M1 mark 2 is still such a good camera. I bought mine just before the mark 3 was announced and I felt no need to upgrade then - in fact I bought a used second mark 2 body instead. Similarly, when the OM-1 came out I didn't consider it a big enough improvement over what I had to be truly worthwhile.

    1. Yeah still rocking the E-M1 Mark II today for my shoots.

  2. Hi, Robin, congratulation to these fine pictures. I think, you have catcht the movement and dynamic of the scene very well and despite of the sometimes harsh light (only one colour-channel), you managed to get well exposed pictures. If the picture is nice, nobody cares about the camera or the noise. ;-)

    But ...

    ...with a technical curiosity I checked them all in your gallery and it was difficult for me to guess the ISO of each picture. You handled this discipline wery well, too. Did you apply some kind of KI-noise reduction?

    I own a GX80 and with the normal noise reduction in LR i never got such clean images at ISO 3200 and above.

    Greetings from Germany