Should We Avoid Using AUTO Mode?

When I started photography many of my seniors and "gurus" advised me strongly against using Auto mode when shooting with my camera. They claimed that by going full manual and jumping into the deep end immediately will benefit me greatly as a learning photographer. I think that was completely bogus and we should not dismiss the Auto mode too quickly. I think it is the perfect tool for beginners to start learning about how the camera works, without feeling completely drowned by millions of variables and settings on the camera. I think Auto mode is also useful for seasoned photographers as a tool in non-critical shooting situations, and achieving technical perfection in photographs is not everything. I explored this and more in my latest video here (click). Also, I went out for several shutter therapy sessions shooting with my newly acquired Nikkor 10mm F2.8 (for 1 system) mounted on my Nikon J1, all in Auto mode of course! 

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