This Canon 35mm Lens From 1990 Is Quite Awesome!

Previously I mentioned that I have sold off the Fuji X100F because of two reasons - slow AF which was not usable for my street shooting, and mediocre lens that is soft wide open and poor close up performance. I have replaced my 35mm street shooting needs with Canon 35mm F2 EF lens on my Canon 5D original. The Canon 35mm EF was an old, classic lens released in the year 1990, and was not even designed for use in digital cameras. Nevertheless, I find the lens to perform satisfactorily, rendering sharp, detailed images with realistic contrast, and good flaw controls, and no issues being too severe. I particularly love the fast AF and compact, lightweight design, when used with the 5D DSLR, it was quite a manageable combo. I did a street POV video in Kuala Lumpur, you can find my video here (click), and in this blog I share all images taken with that dinosaur Canon 35mm lens.

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