Yongnuo 40mm F2.8 For Nikon F-Mount

I recently purchased a Yongnno 40mm F2.8 for Nikon F-Mount. For a budget lens, which only costs about RM350 (bought locally from Shopee, Malaysia), I thought the lens performed decently. I did not expect Pro grade image quality, but the sharpness at the center of the frame was very good wide open, and the sharpness improved as the lens was stopped down, all the way to the corners. The AF was fine, the lens flaws such as flare, chromatic aberration and distortion were present, but nothing too severe and can be considered well managed at this super low price point. The lens also features a USB port for direct firmware upgrade, with the latest firmware 1.02 (released December 2017) drastically improved AF efficiency. I did a video to explore this lens in more detail (you can find it here). In short, not a bad 40mm lens if you want to use one for Nikon DSLR!

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