Lumix 12-32mm Kit Lens Is Great For Casual Travel Snapshots

I made a short trip to my hometown, Kuching in Borneo recently with a group of friends. Our main agenda was to eat as much good food as we can, see some interesting places and have a fun, relaxing holiday away from the busy-ness of city life in Kuala Lumpur. We all needed that short break. Photography was not part of the plan, but I wanted to bring along a camera anyway just in case I saw something I wanted to capture. Therefore, I carried a minimalist setup of the tiny Panasonic GM1 with Lumix 12-32mm kit lens mounted on it. I thought the Lumix 12-32mm did a splendid job being versatile enough to capture a variety of shots in different situations, and I appreciate the super compact form factor. The image quality from the lens is also nothing to scoff at. I shared my thoughts about why I think the Lumix 12-32mm is a great lens for casual travel snapshots, you can find the video here (click). 

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