Recent Self-Portrait And December Updates

I can't believe it, December is already here and the year has gone by that quickly. However, there are a few huge events happening as the year is approaching the end. I will have a photography trip to somewhere far away from Malaysia coming very, very soon, and more details will be shared here as well. That means I will have plenty of fresh, out of the ordinary photos and different content to share with you beautiful people, both here on my own blog as well as more photography heavy articles on Ming Thein's site. On another hand, I am also involved in another project with Olympus Malaysia, which I am extremely excited to talk about and I was told that the official announcement will come within December itself. In an unrelated topic outside of photography, I also will be reviewing an interesting product this month. So many things happening, and I sure hope I can catch my own breath. A few more excitement before 2018 leaves us cannot hurt.

Until the coming updates, here is a recent portrait of me shot by a good friend, Robert Evangelista with his Olympus PEN-F and M.Zuiko 45mm F1.2 PRO lens. I should be posting more images of myself, so people can actually recognize me when they see me in real life!

Image by Robert Evangelista

How is December looking for you guys? Do share your holiday plans. Anyone coming to Kuala Lumpur for Christmas?

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