10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Olympus at KLPF 2015

If you are in Kuala Lumpur this weekend you may want to make some time for the most happening and largest photography event in Malaysia, the KLPF 2015 (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival). Olympus is coming in huge this year and we have amazing setup, lined up with tonnes of activities for visitors! I will be stationed at Olympus, KLPF full time on both Saturday and Sunday!

KLPF is held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, and Olympus will be at Hall 1. Here are the 10 reasons why you should be visiting us this weekend. 

1) We have the most awesome booth setup in the entire show. I am not kidding you, come and see it for yourself!

The Main Area, where all our main events will take place (Director of the Day and Live Model Shooting)

Technology Corner to showcase and demonstrate our latest technologies and innovation!

And we have a freaking amazing Star Wars Lego Set!

2) Freaking Cool Cut Open Models of our PRO lenses, M.Zuiko 40-150mm F2.8 PRO and 12-40mm F2.8 PRO lenses! See these lenses split into two, revealing the inner mechanics and elements. They appear even more impressive real life. 

3) Olympus Air is at KLPF 2015!

A concept of what the Olympus Air can be capable of. 

Would you like to see a review of Olympus Air from me? Yes or no?

4) Teh Young Sun, a renowned and talented portrait photographer all the way from Penang is here with us, shooting, and demonstrating what the OM-D is capable of. He will be shooting portraits of beautiful models, live, and these images will then be printed large immediately for everyone to see! No post-processing and no cheating! Seeing the prints is believing. 

Teh Young Sun handling the amazing M.Zuiko 40-150mm F2.8 PRO

Did I say beautiful models?

5) Beautiful models, enough said. 



Not really sure what is happening here but they do look good in photo. 

6) The highlight of the Olympus KLPF 2015: Director of the Day!! 
KS Du, a rising, and respected cinematographer will be doing a live video shooting with the E-M5 Mark II, and showing what OM-D movie and the 5-Axis Image Stabilization of Olympus is capable of for movie recording. And the best part, KS Du allows the public to participate and experience real life professional video recording, with OM-D Movie!

7) The Dancers for the Director of the Day sessions will be performing some awe-inspiring modern conceptual dance moves! 

8) Kazuo Unno, a world famous Macro Photographer using Olympus system, flew in all the way from Japan and will be speaking for us! Do not miss his slot at 2pm on Sunday at Room 2, Hall 2, in KLPF. Besides Unno San, we also have 3 other speakers, Liew WK (Landscape), AB Lee (Underwater) and Young Sun himself (Portrait). 

9) All the amazing people that have visited our booth left with satisfaction, I tell you! See, ALL smiles! (I am terribly sorry if I mispelled your name, or could not recall your names. It was my mistake to not write down the names)

Garreth, who visited all the way from Melbourne, Australia! Thanks for popping by to say hi. 

Khalid and Awang Kassim. Awang and I have been in touch for many years but we have not officially met. We have missed each other a few times on shutter therapy opportunities. 

Jackie Loi cannot wait to be the Director of the Day. 

Carol (I hope I remember correctly!!). Thanks for being so supportive and I admire your positive energy!

I completely came up blank when I try to remember your name!! I am terribly sorry but I remember every single bit of our conversation. 

The usual street gang, Nick Wade and Kelvin Ng

10) Because.... I WILL BE THERE!!!!

See you at KLPF!


  1. Robin, that handle / rig mounted on the Olympus Air, there are plans for production?

    1. It all depends on the success of Olympus Air and the overall demand!

  2. Hi Robin , I would like to fill up the ______ for you. Is me. 😊 Michelle Sheah

  3. Hi Robin , I would like to fill up the ______ for you. Is me. 😊 Michelle Sheah

    1. Thanks Michelle!!! Will correct it tonight after the show. So so sorry I forgot your name!! My memory is deteriorating I think!!!

  4. The pro lens look good in my hand...

  5. No new 300 mm f4.0 pro yet? Demo of firmware 4.0?

    Bob far away in chicago