Less Shutter Therapy Due to Haze, Less Blog Updates

Note: Fellow photographer/blogger Ahmad Firdaus Yosman did an honest and interesting review of his experience with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, coming from a DSLR user. He has got some awesome photos taken with the E-M5 Mark II too, so please give his blog a visit here (click)!

This blog space of mine will experience a little bit of slowing down for the next one to two weeks, mainly due to two reasons: first being the horrible haze enveloping the entire nation at unhealthy air pollution index levels, hence outdoor activities are to be reduced and second, which is the more exciting reason, I will be busy preparing for the coming Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival which will be happening this weekend (9-11 October 2015 at Mid Valley Megamall, KL). Olympus will be at KLPF and I will be stationed there at all times, so if you drop by do come to Olympus area and say hi!

While the nation was under thick, health degrading haze conditions, I managed to sneak in a short shutter therapy session, going out in a huge photowalk last Saturday, joining the Scott Kelby WorldWide Photowalk 2015. I met some awesome people and we attacked Petaling Street. I was probably using the smallest camera amongst all photographers, the Panasonic Lumix GM1 and Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8 lens. How I love using this combination!

An Indian Restaurant Cook

Door Keeper

Noodles Manufacturer

Bold Colors



A Bus Passenger Waiting

Bus Conductor

Chilling out

Mohamed and Godwin

Selfi.... erm Self Portrait

Mee Goreng Mamak + Ayam Goreng (Fried Yellow Noodles "Mamak" Style with Fried Chicken)
I have often featured western styled food, I figured I should be showing more Malaysian food since I eat those more frequently. 

I really do wish I have more opportunities to go out and shoot. The weather was against my wishes. I only wish the fire in Indonesia will cease soon and we will have our clear skies again. 


  1. My favorite combination matches yours, the GM5 and the PanaLeica 25mm. Both a bit bigger than yours but still small enough for me.
    Beautiful photo's as usual, Robin.

    1. I have yet to try the GM5 but my friends who have them love it so much. I would think the 25mm F1.4 would be rather huge for the GM cameras!

    2. Yes Robin, the 25mm PanaLeica is huge on a GM5, but it is nice to handle and easy to hold for me. I hold the camera by holding the lens.
      But an Olympus 25mm might fit better . . .

    3. Do you use the optional grip?

    4. No, just the camera and the lens . . . .

  2. Hi Robin. Have you ever considered having guest posts or images posted by other Olympus users on your website? You wouldn't have to post as often but could still showcase how awesome Olympus images can be.

    Great shots as always, I hope the pollution subsides.

    1. Hi Ivan, for now to keep things simple I would not want guest postings, as it would be difficult when I have to reject some requests. That could be hurtful to some people.

  3. Hi Robin, great images as usual. How do you process your panasonic raw files, do you use the free sikipix like you use the free Olympus Viewer? As I now have a panasonic GH3 mainly for video I would still like to get some good stills from it. Cheers

    1. Hi Larry,
      I shot everything in JPEG and for post-processing I just perform my usual workflow (after conversion) on them, as how I would do on Olympus images. Mostly contrast enhancements and minor color tweaks.

    2. Thanks Robin, will see how I go from the jpegs. I always shoot raw + jpeg so that if I ever get better at working with raw I still have the "negative". Cheers

  4. Nice head shots that become your signature. How close are you to the subject as in the first shot? Prob no or tiny amount of cropping?

  5. Well Robin I just want to ask you about your B&W photography. u have some really fantastic angle sense and design manners.