My Street Shooting Workflow in Flow Chart

So, I thought it would be cool to produce a workflow chart to show my street shooting processes. The chart is quite self-explanatory.


If you want to read in full detail about 'How I Approach my Street Portraits" please read the lengthy blog entry I have written here (click) quite recently.

Stephan, my blog reader and visitor from Germany is spending his last few days in KL, and we went out for one final shutter therapy session for him, this time in Pudu. I always love shooting on the markets, and below I am sharing some shots from the earlier session. 

Thankfully the haze got much better today, not sure why and how, but it was good for us as we needed to shoot outdoor. I got with me the Olympus OM-D E-M10 and two M.Zuiko lenses 45mm f1.8 and 25mm F1.8. It was strange, that I purposely left out the gear that I used for my last blog entry and the few repeated questions here in the comment section as well as my Facebook page, a few people asking me what camera and lenses I used to capture the images shown. 

Stephan on his final few days in KL
I really hoped you have enjoyed your time in KL, especially shooting at the streets at Chow Kit and Pudu. There are more places to explore, but I think you have covered the best parts of KL. Do come back to Malaysia again!

Yellow Boots
I like how the man looked so relaxed at where he was sitting, and there was a fan nearby with a bottle of water. 

While the wife go shopping?

Portrait of a Stranger

Balancing Act. 
Yes this shot is out of focus, a little bit, but that was fine. I was slow to focus and shoot as I saw this. 

Big Fish
I did not approach this man, he offered to pose for us. Sometimes people can be extra friendly, if you already put your friendly aura on. 

Morning Market Folks
Another example of not needing to ask, but volunteered portrait shots. 

Young Kids

Red Chilli

High Places


Green Tea Latte

So do you find the flow chart making any sense? If you have been following my blog all this time, the flowchart should not come as any surprise. I thought it was fun to have it in a logical process flow. 


  1. Everyone looks so relaxed.

    I think that kid is a little young to have a wife, no? ;-)

    1. I know right!!!! haha the same thought crossed my mind!

  2. Robin:
    Do you use a weak fill flash on some of these, or are they all natural light?

  3. Excellent workflow chart, and funny ! I love the end, so true !
    Your portrait of a stranger is so beautiful...

  4. Just curious (others are welcome to answer this too)

    With your Olympus OMD cameras, what kind of shutter count are you looking at after a year or so?

    I've been reading other photographers talking about shooting 2-300 photos in a day.

    I came up shooting film. Have people switched to shooting 100K images a year?

    I'm not questioning my own style or pace. I'm wondering if the E-M1s hold up to that many cycles during a period of 2-3 years. If so, that's a hell of a value in a $1200 USD camera!!

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Rated shutter life for E-M1 is 150k and E-M5 is 100k. Not too sure about the newer OM-D cameras.

    2. Thanks, I doubt I'll ever hit that number. Good to know. I had seen that elsewhere but was seeking more confirmation.

      I have two M1s in case one goes down, another old habit, "Two is one and one is none." :-)

  5. Another great article Robin, your blog and specifically the review of the OM-D EM-10 are what got me interested in photography again, and blogging about it.

    1. Hey Andrew,
      Glad to know that you have come back to photography! Shoot more, it is super rewarding!

  6. Thanks for sharing your workflow in a simple (funny) form, Robin! :)

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    1. If you are like me it is possible to make Kitty Happy *and* take some special photos together !

      Extra step on Flow Chart maybe.

    2. Oh yes, that is a more advanced step. Lets just do one thing at a time for now.

  8. Hi Robin, love the flowchart! But please give up the Green Tea Latte, just looks WRONG, go back to coffee, it's on the flowchart!

  9. I can't put a finger on it, but I feel the Young Kids photo is most captivating. It's like you got in the thoughts, their souls. Love it. Also, the flowchart was most entertaining. Truly enjoyed it. Thanks for all the inspiration. I really need to just get out more and start doing some shutter therapy. Even if it is just for 2 minutes on the way to work when I see something on the side of the road. Thanks again!

  10. Lovely shots. Loved the fact that everybody was relaxed.

    1. Being relaxed to me is important! I always prefer natural/comfortable looking images over confrontational kind

  11. Great pictures very natural and the color balance is superb. What is the software you used to create this flowchart? Is it Creately ?

  12. Some very good expressions. I just love the kids photo. Sadly in Oz, there is always more fear of photos of other people's kids than Malaysia.