Nikon Z6 III - My Quick Hands On Experience

I attended the official Nikon Z6 III launch in Malaysia few days ago, and I had the opportunity to get my hands on one unit to test it briefly. During my short time with the Z6 III, I was truly impressed with what Nikon has done in their latest camera. I like the advanced stabilization feature, which is optimized for focus area VR, the near flagship level AF performance (close to Z8/Z9) yet it can focus down to -10EV in the dark and has reliable AI subject recognition/tracking, the large and bright EVF which has 4000nits brightness which helps me a lot as I shoot under the sun, and overall the camera build quality, handling and ergonomics are nothing short of being excellent. For all this, the latest full frame mirrorless Nikon is asking for a price lower than OM-1 II, at least here in Malaysia, which puts the Z6 III into the top of my next camera consideration list, when I do decide to upgrade. Don't worry, the time is not here yet, I am still giving OM System/Panasonic a chance to come up with a wow camera before I give up on them. My thoughts about the Z6 III in my latest video here (click). 

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  1. Its becoming harder to stay with OM and M43, given the lack of any real advancement in image quality and how OM's AF performance is lagging compared with most other systems. But for my investment in m43 lenses and the difficulty of maintaining a light weight kit with a larger sensor, I would very much consider alternatives. I think Nikon is really doing well with their FF Z mount, and a switch would make sense, especially for someone who earns a living with photography.

  2. The NIKON Z6 III at lets work co working space multanwas simply amazing. Its autofocus, image quality, and intuitive controls made capturing conference moments a breeze. Highly recommended for professional settings.