PENTAX Is Weird, And I Like It!

Pentax has been making the quirkiest cameras ever and I love them for that. From their super fun, colorful miniature Pentax Q system to the misunderstood K-01 with unconventional design, Pentax does not care about mainstream trends, and they have always done things their own way. I applaud them for staying true to their own style and not give in to market pressure. While everyone is chasing the latest technology, outdoing each other with AI Deep Learning AF tracking, and pushing the boundaries of megapixels and technical perfection, Pentax decided to just launch a fully black and while camera, the K-III Mark III Monochrome! I thought was move was bold and commendable. I discuss this and more over a POV shooting session at Sekinchan with friends. You can find the POV video here (click). 

All images shown here were taken with Pentax K-01 and 40mm F2.8 pancake lens. 

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