Challenges Of Producing Quality Photos While Making Videos

Since I was getting serious in making more videos for YouTube, I find myself having to compromise when it comes to shooting high quality street photography images. I had to prioritize making videos as the YouTube platform is generating a significant chunk of my income. Having to juggle multiple devices all at once - the video camera to shoot a video, a photo camera to do street photography, a microphone to record video separately, my smartphone to refer to my video script as I forget what I have to say way too often, and sometimes, a HDMI capture device, or another separate camera for a different view or B-Rolls, you get the idea, multitasking takes some toll on my attention when I was trying to get somewhat decent images. I know that is no excuse, as I can just put everything aside and give my 100% in shooting good street images, but hey, those don't make me money, and my photography jobs (shoots) aren't recovering fast enough post-covid. 

I guess only a content creator could relate to my struggles and challenges. It also eats me up inside knowing that my images could have been better, and I was not performing at my best ability. 

These are the OK shots, not great shots, but good enough to be included in my latest video. All images were shot with Olympus PEN E-P1 and M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 pancake lens. 

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