Weekend Escape To Malacca

My timetable has been quite full lately, filled with shoots (paid jobs) and also making YouTube content ahead of time so I can have a planned 2 week break in April, well, starting now. I need a break, I think we all need a break. There was the recent OM-1 AF drama which I shall not get into too much details here, and a few other things in real life I have to deal with, nothing "end of the world" kind of issues, but they are time-consuming and both physically and mentally exhausting enough for me to go through. A clean break from everything can do myself good, and my definition of break means stop doing everything, run way to somewhere far, eat too much good food and spend time with awesome people. It starts with Malacca!

Over the weekend I had a short trip to Malacca, well, mostly to eat all the wonderful food there. I probably have gained too much weight I am amazed I can still fit into any of my clothes. All images were shot with Nikon D600 and 50mm F1.8 D lens. 

Nyonya Zhang - traditional dumpling with minced meat fillings

Me and my friend, Spencer, travelling around hunting for food in Malacca. We Malaysians eat at least 5 meals per day. No joke. 

Fish crackers - appetizer before the main dishes

Ayam Ponteh - signature Nyonya chicken dish 

Nyonya Chicken Curry

Nhor Hiang - Meat Rolls

Probably too much food for two people

Mille Crepe

Doing touristy things, because I can. 

Baba Laksa

Cendol with Burnt Gula Melaka

Nikon's busy, nervous, harsh bokeh

You have no idea how many out of focus shots before this one. Issues with travelling with non-photographers.

Tandoori Chicken

Jason Naan - includes potato, garlic, cheese, onion and egg. 

Teochew Pork Noodles for breakfast

Kaya and Butter Toasts

I can't fit into that hole

We went to the St Paul's Church, on a hill, what a beauty!

Otak-Otak, translated as brains, well it is just fish meat made into paste. 

Onion Ommellette. 

Nyonya Fried Wings

Closer view of Otak-Otak

More Ponteh Ayam

Keropok Lekor, or deep friend fish crackers. Enjoying this while walking along the beach

Malacca's Wantan Noodles is so so awesome, not the black-ish kind from Kuala Lumpur. 

Chicken Rice Balls - must have if you come visit Malacca. 

Coffee makes us happy

Nyonya Zhang, the blue coloring is natural, made from local flower

More Cendol

More more more coffee!

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  1. OMG, the food! I have got to visit Malyaia one day.