The Details Are In The Photograph

Here is a recent photograph of me taken days ago by the awesome Jo Quah.

Looking at the photograph, you can tell that:

1) I have a new camera bag. It is a Manfrotto shoulder bag, a smaller version just enough to fit one small DSLR sized camera (such as the OM-D E-M1 Mark II) and one or two more small prime lenses.

2) We had a photowalk. It was in the morning and what a fun and productive shutter therapy session!

3) I always stop when cats appear. I immediately drop what I do and pet the cats. They always gravitate to me. This time, I gave the cat a command to "sit" and the stranger cat actually obeyed! I was shocked myself. There is just something about playing with cats that I find on the streets to be fun, therapeutic and relaxing all at the same time.

4) I don't always wear shirts with prints or patterns. I prefer plain, basic shirts with no logo or any details. Just simple and blank, with different muted colors. I do explore brighter color options these days. Wearing a striped bright blue shirt was a rarity for me.

5) I probably need a haircut.

6) We were in an area where the remnants of the election campaign flags were not completely cleaned up yet. You can evidently see the banners and flags of different political parties in the background.


8) I am obsessed with red shoes.

9) For street shooting I don't use neck straps anymore. I much prefer shorter wrist/hand straps. The reason is sweat. Malaysian sun is cruel and unforgiving. Sweating so much during a photowalk makes wearing a neck strap of any kind uncomfortable. And if you don't wash it often it will smell badly too.

10) Nothing makes me happier than doing shutter therapy, petting random cats and spending time with friends shooting together and having overpriced coffee after the photowalk. I find joy in simplest things and I appreciate that I am still able to enjoy doing so.

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  1. I just loooooved the long hair on her face! But yes, her tail was bushy too.