Wizards at Tribeca

Have you ever wondered where I took my casual product shots and also some of the food shots I did during review of cameras and lenses? My usual haunt was the Espressolab at Nu Sentral which has been recently shut down, but I have a few other locations that I went to for my shooting needs. Of the these venues was Wizards at Tribeca situated in Imbi, downtown Kuala Lumpur,

The main reason I love Wizards so, so much besides the incredibly amazing coffee they made there was the fact that the place is always extremely well lit. The ceiling high glass panels allow abundant natural sun light to illuminate the very plain and white themed cafe. I would usually ask to sit near the windows for better light, and the white table surface is just perfect to isolate whatever subject that I plan to shoot. Lighting and background management are everything in shooting good product shots, whether they are shot professionally, or just for a lifestyle casual experimentation like what I always do.

I have not tried that many of their dishes yet but the Sally Bowles is definitely my favourite, as it contains all my favourite food in one bowl (salmon, avocado, sushi rice, seaweed strips, eggs).

To me, it may just be too much hassle to do a "studio" shoot for products, as my review style has always been very casual and light. I do not intend to pretend like I am a "PRO" level photographer, but that is a work in progress and I am more comfortable showing my work here as well as on Ming Thein's site with a lighter tone. Therefore, you will find my product images of items that I review taken on very natural looking environment with plenty of ambient light and clean background. Overpriced hipster cafes are just the perfect places to get these shots done.

Wizards look like a fantastic place for some casual quick portrait snaps. Maybe I should do a planned portrait shoot there, and we shall see what happens!


  1. 1. "Professional" shots (IMHO), certainly first rate.
    2. Good (great?) locations - if you eat half the stuff (sorry, foodstuff) you show us, you must be grinning from ear to ear.

    Keep it up Robin, I enjoy it.

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