Bean Brothers - The Cafe That A Meteor Ran Through

During the recent long weekend I had some time to catch up with some friends. We initially wanted to hang out at a audio library cafe where we can sit down and sip overpriced coffee and sample some incredibly expensive headphones that I know I will not be able to afford ever. I found out that the audio cafe was closed on the day we wanted to go so we had to find an alternative location. Bean Brothers was just a few minutes drive away and this was my first visit.

When I first entered the venue I knew I have fallen in love with the interiors immediately. It has an unfinished construction look with modern industrial appearance. The slab from the first floor has a huge opening. I took some shots and sent them to other friends, and one of them commented how the opening looked like as if a meteor has run through the cafe!

I can imagine how amazing this place would have been to test out a new camera or a new wide angle lens. The uneven lighting added interesting characteristics to the images. Nevertheless, it was supposed to be a day out spent with friends so I decided to leave the camera behind, else I would spent too much time with the camera ignoring conversations. I did have the Motorola G5S Plus with me, so the smartphone camera with a default wide angle has to do the job for the day. All images were shot with Google Camera (mostly with HDR+ enabled) and edited in Snapseed.


  1. It's a nice environment, and you are a good storyteller as usual.
    Like your KL images on MT site, makes me want to go back again :)

    1. Please come back to KL! Then we can have overpriced coffee together.