Revisiting Kuala Lumpur - A Photography Exhibition Comparing KL from 1976 vs 2017

One of the advantages of being a photographer living in Kuala Lumpur is the bountiful of events and activities that are available to get myself immersed with and be inspired. Photography exhibitions happen frequent enough that we never really run out of opportunities to absorb new idea, get motivated and push our photography boundaries further. The most recent photography exhibition I have attended was the "REVISITING KUALA LUMPUR" by three local Malaysian photographers, Eric Peris, Lee Hong Leng and KF Choy. This exhibition specifically compares urban landscapes from the early scenes in 1976 versus what they have changed into in 2017.

KF Choy, Eric Peris, Academician Professor Emerita Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman, Chairman of Sutra Foundation Datuk Ramli Ibrahim and Lee Hong Leng

I was invited to attend the launch on 7 February 2018 with all the three key photographers of the event present. The exhibition took place at Sutra House at Titiwangsa, and is currently on-going until end of the month. All images showcased were printed in black and white, with each picture frame containing two separate images: left image showing a landscape from 1976 against the right image showing the exact same location but taken in 2017. The dramatic comparison and contrast between the old and new cityscape was quite astonishing, allowing the local KL folks to appreciate the older sentimental memories yet at the same time be amazed by how far we have come as a developing city. The whole photography project took about four months to be completed.

I was at the event along with my Olympus PEN-E-P5 and I took the opportunity to cover the event for this blog update. All images shown here were shot during the opening launch of the exhibition.

It was a night surrounded by amazing local photographers, media friends and also fellow peers in the imaging industry. It was fun catching up with familiar faces as well as making new friends. At the same time, some past workshop/photowalk participants came up to say hi, which was completely awkward at first, but I was happy to see them invested their interest and time being there in a photography exhibition, to expand their vision and exposure as learning photographers. The beauty of being a photographer is not just shooting and creating art, but also being able to be awed and inspired by other great talents out there, especially through display of their work of art in exhibitions.

The incredible thing about this exhibition, it is not only for photographers, but anyone in Kuala Lumpur, or have been to Kuala Lumpur will be amazed by the comparison done in different times, 40 years apart. If you are in KL, visiting or residing here, I assure you this will be an interesting pit stop you should definitely consider in your itinerary. You will need to make an appointment to view the gallery. Photography exhibition details are as follows:

by Eric Peris, Lee Hong Leng and KF Choy
Venue: SUTRA HOUSE, Titiwangsa, KL
Period: 7th February till 28th February 2018
Visit by appointment only, call 603 - 40211092