Happy Chinese New Year 2018

If you are celebrating, I wish you a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year! May this year bring you happiness, love, good health and abundant opportunities.

I am finally back in my hometown Kuching (Borneo), preparing for the coming celebration of the new year. Of course I have had my over-dosage of Sarawakian food goodness over the past few days before the stalls closed down for the celebrations. My cravings were adequately vanquished but I do wish I have more. I will have to wait until the 3rd or 4th day of Chinese New Year for some of the stalls to re-open.

I stumbled upon my older blog post during Chinese New Year in 2012, when this blog first hit 1 Million page views. What a long, long way this blog has traveled, now in 2018, the counter has surpassed 20 Million views. I think Chinese New Year is the time for us to be thankful for the milestones we have accomplished and this blog certainly has earned that spot. I am so thankful for all of you who have stayed with me here over the years, watching me grow as a photography-enthusiast and a blogger. I am certainly not going anywhere and in fact, this place has never been more alive!

Recognizing that I have come so far, the blogger in me decided to keep this place updated more frequently than before. The photography heavy articles are published on Ming Thein's site, so I am keeping this space for more personal blog entries, pertaining to my own life which may also include areas that are not photography-related. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure, the blog updates here will still be accompanied with generous amount of photographs taken by me.

There are several updates here that you may or may not have noticed:

I have updated this list, including all my recent reviews published on Ming Thein's site as a quick reference. The cameras and lenses reviews are arranged in chronological order. I hope this helps whoever that needs to search for my older reviews.

I have created an entirely new portfolio page, refreshed with some photographs from my latest paid assignment. I am now a full time photographer, hence a professional looking portfolio is necessary. Feel free to browse through my portfolio.

This blog was awarded the top 100 camera blogs in the world by Feedspot, and the last time I checked I was at number 29. Although I have never really blogged for fame or recognition, I acknowledge this is a huge deal for me, being considered as one of the camera blogs that do make a difference out there. And I do hope I can continue to make a difference here, no matter how small the impact is. The badge is placed at the sidebar of this blog.

I have no definite plans for the Chinese New Year celebrations. I will spend more time with dearest mum, who is doing super well by the way! She is thrilled to have me back for the celebrations and I might just bring her to watch the Black Panther which is hitting the cinemas now. I am available for catching with friends too, but somehow my hands are getting really itchy and I intend to squeeze some time to be on the streets and get some shutter therapy action done. I have brought my Olympus PEN-E-P5 and a few beautiful prime lenses home to Kuching. Any Kuching street photographers free for street shooting, do let me know!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!