Upcoming Events: Bird Park and Night Street Outing

If you are in Malaysia and if you have time to spare this Saturday (21 June 2014), please join me for super fun photography outings. In the morning we have KL Bird Park outing, a place I have visited a few times for my previous gear review purposes. In the evening, we will have night street photography outing, capturing KL night scene. 

Both events are free, but open to Olympus users only!

You do have to register, so kindly check out the event pages:

I personally think that the Bird Park is an awesome place to shoot, and to relearn the basics of photography, eg hand-holding the lens and camera steadily (using long zooms), making sure you watch your camera settings (birds can hide in shades and can be in the open harsh sun), and build up your patience. It is not particularly difficult in comparison to shooting wild birds in the forest but you will still need some hard work to achieve decent shots!

KL Streets are vibrant and lively at night. There are so many things to see and shoot! This will be the perfect opportunity to test and push the OM-D and PEN cameras to the limit in low light shooting conditions, and I can assure you the cameras will deliver.

If you use Olympus, if you have itchy hands and want some shutter clicking action, please join me. After all, these events are FREE!


  1. I been waiting for such event ever since I got my E-M10 but alas, i can't make it for this weekend. Really looking forward to the next one ;-)