Ariff AB: An Unexpected Encounter

It was a mid week that I decided to go to The Bee at Publika, where the Feedback Open Mic session was held, allowing local performing acts to go on stage and showcase their acts. It was entirely open, so I did not quite know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that a local singer, Ariff AB whom I have been following for quite some time now made an appearance! Not only that, because I popped up more than once in his shows, he started to recognize me and he knew me by name! Sometimes, you just have to be out there, and good things will happen.

Finally I got my hands on Ariff AB's CD Album, titled "Transmission", and I have been looping the tracks for more than a day now. I particularly love his life performance, with powerful vocals and very unique sound that he creates in his music.

To find out more about Ariff AB's music go to his Official Youtube Channel here (click). 

Image and video were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M10 and M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens.

Here is a video clip of Black and Blue, which was shabbily recorded. I panicked when the song started and I just pressed the record button without much thought. Should have just went manual focus, instead of C-AF mode in the video!!! Did I ever say I suck at shooting videos?

Oh and check out that amazing 3-Axis Image Stabilization on video, shooting hand-held with 45mm F1.8 lens, not bad eh?


  1. Actually your video looks pretty good. I tried video with both manual and automatic focus, but they never come out very well with Olympus cameras

  2. Hey I bought his album and its starting to grow on me