The Curry Puff

Malaysia is a land of awesome food. If I were to start shooting and documenting local food in Malaysia, it might probably take years to finish. One of the popular food, as well as my personal favourite, has always been the curry puff (locals call it Karipap). Basically it is sort of like a pastry with curry fillings. The fillings can vary from just vegetables (potatoes, etc), or mix of vegetables and meat (chicken), cooked in curry. 

So I decided to stop by a road side curry puff stall, and started shooting away. 

What Curry Puff looked like, before deep frying

They all started with the dough, made flat and thin. 

The curry fillings, in this version, just diced potatoes

The curry fillings were scooped and placed into the dough

The simple mould would then shape it into the usual curry puff shapes

Now, the deep frying process, which is unhealthy, but tastes sooooo good

There you go, the curry puffs, served hot. 

If you do come to Malaysia, do give curry puff a try! 


  1. Best Robin!!. My favorite too

  2. oh u meant samosas ....I mean similar filling and cooking procedure ....did u actually ingest any .....? :)

    1. Different though. Hard to describe unless you have tasted them. Oh yes I bought some home. Had a few while writing this blog

  3. Fantastic food, and such good pictures, makes me want some :-)

  4. Awww, I need to find that mold! I make Japanese gyoza from time to time, but I scream at putting them together, so I usually buy frozen. A mold would be so useful!

    Good photos, as usual, telling a great story.

    1. I am not even sure where to find the mold itself!