Simplicity. Less is More.

I went to Chow Kit again this morning, with a group of wonderful friends. I decided to just keep things as simple as possible, and not think too much. My constant belief is that simplicity works. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 with M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens, and PEN E-PL5 with 9mm F8 Fisheye Bodycap lens. 

Portrait of a Stranger. 
Looking through the entire set, this was the only photograph that I was truly happy about. I mean I do like the other shots, but this particular portrait was the one that had the "YES It was exactly what I wanted" moment as I shot it. 

Stretched Neck
Chicken, waiting to be slaughtered at the wet market. 

Storage area. 
I am in the midst of experimenting with straightening images taken from the fisheye bodycap lens. The original fisheye distortion did not really work with a wide range of images that I usually shoot. However that extra width was as good coverage of any ultra wide angle lens, and using that to my advantage it becomes my cheap wide angle lens, as I "de-fished" it in post processing. Yes, I lose image quality especially on the edges but hey, the fisheye bodycap lens was not that sharp to begin with. 

Renovation Workers
When there is dramatic sky an ultra wide angle lens surely will open up a different dimension. 
Banana Seller
While I do not use wide angle lens a lot but I would not hesitate to use it when necessary. In this case, the environment was nicely setup, and told important story of what the place was and what the man was doing. 

Taking a Break

That 45mm F1.8 bokeh. 

Red Hot Chilli
I am a Malaysian. I love my food with Chilli. Plenty of Chilli. 

That 45mm F1.8 lens again!!

Pink Power. 
My friend Nik Hadi (click) brought a surprise little pink mini camera to shoot today, alongside his usual gear. 


  1. sharp accuracy right on target Mr.Robin splendid great colors

    1. Olympus colors and Olympus AF, Both worked great.

  2. Thanks to you Robin for the shoot session.. it's the best.. really beautiful place.. full with memory with this place..And thanks again with the pic sexy pinky.. really like it.. will shoot with you again!!

  3. Hey Robin, almost every time I see your photos I get hungry :-)

  4. Razor sharp images. Love the innocence image. Very natural smile.

  5. Beautiful pictures .. and always love that 45mm f1.8 .. and that amazing innocence image is one of the best of all time!

  6. Hi Robin, what image setting you had for those? Natural, vivid, i-enhanced? By the way... Which one you prefer of those?