Engineering Art in Metal: An Exhibition by Ming Thein

Ming Thein a strong supporter of Olympus OM-D system, as well as a photographer whom I admire a lot, is having his first photography exhibition of the year at Centre for Asian Photographer, running the whole month of January 2014, and Olympus Malaysia sponsored a reception launch earlier this afternoon. It was great seeing Ming Thein exhibiting his photographs, all taken with either his Medium Format camera, or our Olympus OM-D system. This is a living testimony that Olympus OM-D system has matured and come a long way, in large print which is the ultimate test quality for any camera output, no one can successfully distinguish which photographs were taken with the medium format or Olympus OM-D! Ming Thein made an appearance, and was the star of the event. We were fortunate to have him (if you know who he is you know how extremely busy his schedule is). Here is a collection of some photographs I have taken to cover the event. 

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5, and M.Zuiko lenses 12mm F2, 17mm F1.8 or 45mm F1.8. 

If you are in town, do check out Ming Thein's exhibition, titled Engineering Art in Metal, at Centre for Asian Photographers. For location and details about Centre for Asian Photographers, kindly visit their website here (click). 

A little bit about Centre for Asian Photographers, an excerpt from their website:

"Established in 2013, The Centre for Asian Photographers is a photographic community centre for photographers based in Asia. With ambitions to help elevate the stature of photography in the region, the centre aims to provide all necessary solutions and experiences in order to holistically cultivate artistic photographers.

With a host of services ranging from photo dedicated exhibitions, fine art printing, photography-related equipment, educational workshops & talks, customized photo trips and even its own in-house magazine, the centre acts as a one stop solution for photography lovers of any skill level.

At the heart of the centre is our community cafe, run by our partner ‘Cat in the Box’ where photographers can meet other like minded individuals in a casual and comfortable environment.

The centre is entirely self-funded through its merchandise sales, educational and photographic services as well as cafe."

I personally find the place very spacious, large and suitable for hosting photography related events. The upper floor space was designed to house a gallery, with lighting and hangers for photographs on the wall. The lower floor has been built with a comfortable cafe theme, with proper barista serving coffee and other drinks. The whole space seemed very welcoming, and encourages people to come together and hang-out. I strongly encourage photographers to visit this place, check out whatever exhibition that is running at the time of visit, and just chill out. Who knows, you might even meet other amazing photographers there!

Here are some photographs of the venue of the Olympus Malaysia event, hosting Ming Thein's exhibition.

Here is George Wong, the founder and the man behind Centre for Asian Photographers. 

John Ragai trying out my M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8


Ming Thein and Wesley Wong

Mr Yong from Olympus delivering his opening remarks

Special thanks to Ming Thein and Centre for Asian Photographers for making such a wonderful event happen! 


  1. Hi Robin,
    Thank you for allowing me to play with your two lens namely 17mm f/1.8 and 45mm f/1.8. Both are awesome lens but I prefer 45mm f/1.8 (90mm on my E-M5) which is almost similar to my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G (75mm on my D7K).
    I love every moment when I was there and glad to meet the masters including you at the event. I really appreciated the moment. My old sifu said, being with a sifu even a moment is worth a few years walk in the wild seeking for insight. He is talking about martial art world but for me photography is beautifully blended with martial art as both are arts.
    I am also glad to see familiar faces Carmen and Alex.
    Images: Superb and I love the colors. OMD E-M5 is a worth to have and it delivered whatever you need.
    May you have a great Sunday afternoon.
    John Ragai

  2. Being an engineer who specializes in welding and metallurgy, Ming's images really speak to me. I love the body of work he has developed (based on what I can see in the pictures above). Too bad I live in Texas, USA and can't come see the exhibit. I'm also a long time Oly user who "stalks" your blog, but Ming's work inspired me to comment. Thanks for sharing, it's given me some inspiration to appreciate the beauty and symmetry in things I help build.

  3. Pity that I can't make it. Got exams these few weeks haha..

  4. Pity that I can't make it. Got exams these few weeks haha..

  5. Inspires me to come out of retirement.
    Love this place that olympus malaysia chose to hold the event.
    I may shoot with mft in the near future, resistance to the lenses is giving way.

  6. There was a time that medium format would blow the doors off any 35mm system - even if it was full-frame, top-of-the-line digital, irrespective of brand. I'm getting really old. Large format film is still the king of landscape photography, but only if one prints ridiculously large murals. I still have some lovely Tessars and Sonnars for large format, but no sheet film ;-) Oh well.

    Ming Thein's work looks excellent to me, also thanks to the lovely reportage you provide here. Keep up the good work, Robin - you're doing a fantastic job!

  7. Is there a recording of their allocations?