More Glorious Food - SWOL Cafe, Bangsar

My friends were still persistent in getting more images to join the Fujifilm Malaysia contest, which required them to shoot food and location images in designated cafes. I merely tagged along again, and of course, enjoy the hipster, overpriced food and drinks. This time we went to SWOL Cafe in Bangsar, just after our morning shoot (outdoor portrait of a model). I had with me the Nikon Z5 and an 85mm prime lens, so I took some food shots with this lens. I think longer lenses work so well in managing unwanted perspective distortions that can make the outcome look less natural. When I was shooting with my Micro Four Thirds gear, I'd usually go for the 45mm F1.8, or if I were shooting with the 12-40mm PRO zoom, I'd zoom close to the full telephoto end anyway. Lighting in this cafe was great, plenty of window light for the perfectly balanced colors, without the mixed ambient light that can usually be destructive to the images. At the rate of me cafe-crawling around KL, I can probably start a cafe/restaurant/food review already. 

Classic Wagyu Beef Cheeseburger

Minimalist, all white design!

Salmon Steak — Signature Sauce

Salmon Steak with Mandarin, Lemon and Lime

Ikura Salmon Fried Rice (Limited Edition)

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  1. The top of that cheeseburger looks like pain au raisin, but without the raisin! I suppose we shouldn't give anyone ideas even more bizarre than the ones they've already been having. And that picture of SWÔL could surely have been taken in a neglected corner of an Ikea warehouse.

    1. They hired some high skilled designers for the place! I just enjoy the minimalist look, they helped my photos a lot - white background with plenty of good light!