The Food Adventure Continues

This is a continuation from the previous post, my friends Van and Jojo decided to explore a second cafe and we went to Bricks and Bread which was situated about one LRT station away. We got there just in time for lunch hours, and continued our camera clicking spree attacking the food before devouring them. My friends were focused on getting their best shots for the Fujifim Malaysia contest, but as for me, I just wanted to enjoy the moment, had some good coffee, food and conversations with my friends. It all worked out, what a way to end the week, and the start of this week has been crazy hectic. All images shot with Nikon Z5 and Meike 50mm lens. 

A coffee a day makes you a better photographer

Coffee is life

Van Ligutom. Check out his YouTube here. 

Jojo - check out his IG profile here

Jojo had seafood pasta

Van ordered Croque Monsieur 

I had a simple chicken sandwic

Jojo posing for a new profile photo?

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