Night Shooting With Lumix GM1 + 12-32mm Kit Lens

I don't do a lot of night shooting, mainly because by the end of long shoot days, or video making for YouTube, I am usually exhausted, and just want to lounge at home watching some comedy on TV. Or read a book, or listen to loud music blasting through headphones. Most of the times, it also rains heavily in Kuala Lumpur in the evenings, my gear may be weather-sealed, but I am certainly not, and I don't want to catch anything that can compromise my health, I need to be fit to shoot for paid jobs, or else, how can I feed myself? Whenever I do get the chance to go out and shoot at night, when it does not rain too heavily, it is always super fun. There is just something magical about shooting the urban streets at night, and this session I brought out the tiny and mighty Lumix GM1, paired with the venerable 12-32mm kit lens. I used Program mode because I was lazy, and I set the ISO to auto. Yes, the high ISO images were full of horrible noise, but seriously, who cares? I don't. Good images are good images regardless of high ISO noise. You can check out my POV video from this shoot here (click). 

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