Meeting Saharil Again!

I have written about Saharil Hasrin Sanin, a local writer/visual artist/blogger/artist/fitness-enthusiast that I have come to admire and respect a lot previously here (click). Saharil made another appearance at a book and arts festival in Publika last weekend, and I managed to catch him just before my short trip away from Kuala Lumpur, which I will be blogging about next. It was super awesome seeing Saharil again and getting some of his awesome new art prints and a booklet!

You may find out more about Saharil and his art work here:
His FB Page:
His online store:

 When there is a cat in the drawing, I BUY! NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

My loot from the festival, and yes all from Saharil only. Immediately went to a quiet cafe, got some overpriced coffee and started reading his latest "Keladi" issue. 

 Saharil, in the flesh! This time, I have a photo of myself and him. 

Rough translation: I envy the cup as they kiss your lips everyday. 

I only wish I can be half as talented as Saharil. The way he sees the world is mind-blowing. I do secretly hope that he revives his old blog, Saharil Conteng and uploads fresh contents daily, like he used to many years ago!

Saharil, if you are reading this, thanks for being a great inspiration and do continue writing and making awesome art. We all treasure your contribution and stay awesome always!

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