Panasonic Lumix G9 Review - Shooting In Progress

Thanks to Panasonic Malaysia and Digital Camera Magazine (DCM) Malaysia, I have the Panasonic G9 on loan for review. I have been shooting for a few days now and am gathering as many sample photos as I can. This will be my first full review for a Panasonic camera, and I am very excited being out there doing this. I am also fully equipped with all various Panasonic lenses to test out the G9 with. I will of course use one or two Olympus lenses for some specific purposes, but having native Panasonic lenses matter because I can fully test out the Dual IS and DFD for C-AF shooting. So far things are looking quite amazing and I cannot wait to share the results with you guys soon. 

What I can promise you is that the G9 gets the full Robin Wong treatment, and I am doing the best I can in torturing the camera. The G9 has kept me occupied for the past few days that I barely had time for anything else. 

My full review of the Panasonic G9 will be published on Ming Thein's site very, very soon, so do stay tuned! 

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  1. Highly excited to see your result and review Robin! My em1 is aging and I don't find em1ii appealing for my job purposes. Would love to see how this G9 perform since I'm also doing casual vlogging.

  2. I'll be interested in what you have say about the G9 Robin. I got mine a few days ago, so it will be my only camera while my EM1II is being repaired.

  3. Hope you get a chance to play w the new 200mm and tell us your impression.

  4. I just picked up the G9 this week. I have owned many pro-level cameras through the years from all makes in the DSLR and mirrorless categories. The G9 is at the top of the class, or among the best at the very least. Incredible technology to enhance your photo experience. It's impressive what that small micro 4/3 sensor can put out. Don't underestimate what it can deliver coupled with good glass and the most advanced IBIS in any camera. Your low light results will amaze you. Cheers.

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