Ming Thein's Exhibition - The Idea Of Man II at Ilford Galerie MY

It was a fully occupied Saturday for me that Ilford launched their first Ilford Galerie in the world, situated at Oasis Square, Damansara. In conjunction with this opening, they featured Ming Thein's "Idea of Man II" as their first photography exhibition.

I had a Panasonic Lumix 4K Photo workshop in the afternoon, which coincided with the event. Otherwise I would have been able to do a full event coverage for that launching ceremony which was officiated by Ilford's president who came all the way from Japan. It would have been awesome shooting behind the scenes stuff, and of course listen to sharing by Ming Thein himself, and the person behind this Galerie, Wesley Wong.

Wesley Wong, the man behind the Ilford Galerie My. 

After sorting out some urgent matters and finishing up edits for clients, I finally found some time to visit the exhibition. To my surprise, all Ming Thein's images were presented in Black and White! Well, I am not that well informed when it comes to print technology but I can tell you that viewing professionally done prints was quite an experience by itself. It is the an important form of appreciation for great photography, and I was told by Wesley himself that if I want to show the best of my photography I should definitely do that in prints.

I had a chat with Wesley who spent some time with me in the afternoon, and he has many plans for Ilford Galerie. That space is intended to be used as an experience hub for local photographers who want to explore and experiment with prints for their own photographs. The space can also be converted into event venue for various workshops and photography talks. Proper equipment will also be provided for curious minds to do their own trial and error, of course with professional guidance and aid readily available if needed.

My favourite from Ming Thein's series in this exhibition. 

I like the idea of encouraging the local photographers to print their images. Not just print for the sake of printing, but to further take printing as a crucial step in the overall digital photography workflow. There is something tangible and real in physical prints that looking through LCD screens cannot emulate.

If you are in Malaysia, or somehow are visiting at this time period, do drop by Ilford Galerie a visit. And do say hi to Wesley. He is one of the few truly qualified print masters in Malaysia, and his enthusiasm on getting the best print quality and also photography in general is infectious.

Also do not miss this rare chance of seeing Ming Thein's photos in full glorious prints! If you are a Black and White fan, you will definitely be blown away by the exhibition. If you are not, then there is a high possibility you might see Black and White differently after this.

To Wesley, congratulations on the opening of the Ilford Galerie, and I hope to see more exciting events happening there in the future!

To find out more about Ilford Galerie, visit their Facebook Page here. Ilford Galerie My is situated at G19, Ground Floor, Oasis Village, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

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