Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Food, Coffee, Friends and Eargasm: My Kind of Sunday

After spending one heck of a week shooting and doing a review for the Panasonic G9, I thought I could spend one lazy Sunday with a couple of awesome people just to chill out. That was exactly what happened last Sunday, together with Robert and Sim, we attacked food, drank plenty of coffee, had good dosage of high quality audio and then even more food. I live to eat. I hope you do the same too.

Oh did you remember the tips on how to shoot great looking "Instagram-able" food images (click here)? If you have followed those tips you can achieve the following results.

Sticky Rice (Lor Mai Kai)

Some fancy ramen that Robert ordered

Heavy breakfast platter for Sim

My dish was something much simpler, pork slices with rice

Waffles and ice cream for dessert. 

Who said one dessert was enough?

Incidentally I managed to borrow the Panasonic Lumix LX10 from Panasonic Malaysia (found it, at the time I was returning the G9) and thought I would shoot a few images with it. Turned out the images were excellent, and I am contemplating on doing a quick review for the LX10. The camera is not that new anymore (released in late 2016) but the 1-inch sensor advanced compacts from both Sony and Panasonic have been well received. I have always been curious about what these tiny cameras can do, so yes, maybe just a quick shoot-out to explore the LX10.

After overloading our stomach with food and being a little bit high and drunk on coffee, we moved on to a headphones cafe (Stars Picker) where we had even more coffee dosage and helped ourselves sampling several overpriced high-end headphones throughout the lazy afternoon. Nothing beats the combination of caffeine and great audio.

Sim and Robert, shooting food. 

Tip no.6 - Do the Flat Lay, place the camera directly on top of the food. If your camera is as awesome as mine, it should come with a flip out screen that helps with this difficult composition. If you are using some dinosaur DSLR that does not have live view or tiltable screen, then stand on the chair if you must to compose your shot through the optical viewfinder. 

A coffee a day makes you a better photographer

Robert's amazing Superlux. Totally in love with the clarity and transparency of these headphones. 

The camera that took all the shots above, Panasonic Lumix LX10

Me enjoying my own Sony MDR-1A, powered by Fiio X3 Headphones Amp. 
Photo credit: Robert Evangelista

The Sunday was just what I needed to recharge myself and prepare myself to brave the coming week full of challenges. I shall be working on a few more interesting reviews, and in between I will surely find time to do more shutter therapy sessions and you will see those new photographs updated on Ming Thein's site. 

Do tell me, what is your perfect Sunday?

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  1. Glad you had a chance to recharge after your great G9 review.
    Has the restaurant scene really turned into a bunch of people standing over their food taking photos? I dont get out much, but sounds like others should get out more.

    1. Hey David,
      Not really, the place we went to was not too crowded, it was early Sunday morning and we did what we did without many people staring.

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  2. Hey, those Superlux cans look like my AKG open back ones. I must try the overhead shot - I am usually too shy and angle the camera, not good for perspective.

    1. Haha I guess different food requires different composition! But feel free to try different perspective. Flat lay does not work all the time.

  3. this is the part where I say my regrets of not joining.. see you guys next time.

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