Of Breakfast, Friends, Surprise Birthday and Lazy Sunday

I am not sure when exactly did the "viralized" online article titles took over the headlines, many bloggers (at least in Malaysia) used to style their blog titles based on a combination of random subjects, usually starting with the word "Of" and then throwing in the string of items together.

The subjects may not have much direct relationship with one another but they are usually the highlights and a quick, yet effective description of what the blogger intends to say in his blog content.

Much like this one. I am posting photographs of my friends getting together ridiculously early on a Sunday morning for breakfast, with the agenda of surprising Carmen Hong with a super advanced birthday gift. It was a bright, great Sunday.

Flat White

Jackie's ermmm.. partially completed Gundam

Jason and his sparkly drink

Overpriced breakfast

The Gift

Can this work? Looks possible

The birthday girl, Carmen did a selfie with everyone, using her Olympus PEN E-PL7 and 9mm F8 Fisheye body cap lens. Photo credit belongs to her of course. 

Hope you love the gift Carmen! Have a super advanced happy birthday. 


  1. Did you use a flash for the breakfast photo

    1. No flash was used. It was by the window (diffused, side light)

  2. Wow - love that fisheye selfie (or maybe this is more a groupie than a selfie? However...)

  3. I just "discovered" your blog thanks to Kirk Tuck mentioning it. I like your blog very much!