Perth Revisit

I have been away from KL for a week, shooting a wedding assignment at Perth, Western Australia. It has been a fruitful trip, the shooting went well, and I did have some spare time for myself to roam around freely. Therefore, short shutter therapy session in Perth happened, and on top of that, I have eaten more awesome Perth food than I should. Special thanks to Khee Hwa and Ee Ling (and families) for hosting me and Fred, providing us such warm hospitality and making sure our stay was enjoyable. 

For those of you newcomers to this blog of mine, it is an interesting fact that my blog here was actually born in Perth, back in my university days, starting with an intention to record moments and memories. This blog, before it mutated into a photography-centric site, was a personal online journal, detailing my life and adventures. Perth is a place of significance to me, I graduated with an engineering degree here and I have made so many wonderful friends and collected uncountable beautiful memories along the way. There will always be a special place in my heart for Perth. I have always wanted to come back to Perth to shoot on the streets, and this time I did, though the shooting hours were shorter than I wanted. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 or PEN E-PL5, and lenses Zuiko Digital 25mm F1.8, 45mm F1.8 or Panasonic 14mm F2.5

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach
This is an actual assignment shot, and I decided to show it here because it really shows the beautiful Perth sky during sunset. I have spent countless hours in Perth beaches lying down on the soft white sand, looking deep into the impossibly blue sky. 

Walking on Water
Water activities are huge part of Perth culture, and it is always a joy to be out there enjoying the blue waters. Dolphins actually do swim into these blue rivers.


Portrait of a Stranger
Oh of course I would attack the strangers here too!

Wooden Storage at the Docks

Backalley Artwork

Hay Street Mall

Having A Ciggy
Just outside the Fremantle Market, a must go place in the weekends. 

Steps and Lines

Portrait of Strangers 2

Faceless Void

Wall Art
I wish Malaysia has more of these amazing artwork on the walls!

Jesus Lover

Free Music
I like how at many places there are street performers, and they are actually pretty good!

Guitar Haircut
Is it not nice to have music to go along your haircut?

Sunset Fisherman

Black Swan

A Random Nice Building at Fremantle


Different Generations


Fremantle Docks

Perth Night Skyline view from Mill Point Road

Little Creature's Kitchen. 
This dude was such a sport, he actually flipped the bread dough up high for me! Unfortunately I had my 45mm F1.8 lens which was way too tight to have that shot. 

Pizza in the making

Japanese Lunch
Japanese food is actually very good in Perth

Coffee and cake. 

Grilled Fish

Meat, Meat and MORE MEAT

Vietnamese Combination Hofun Soup

Tiamo Coffee, so good I can die on the spot

Spaghetti Carbonara, the best I have tasted at Tiamo's, Nedlands

Dim Sum for Lunch with Deep Fried Squid

Little Creature's French Frieds, quite good actually!

Bright Ale, Little Creatures

I miss Little Creatures already

Hippo Creek, Lion Kill


Cicerello, WA's best Fish and Chips

Since my main purpose of this Perth trip was that wedding assignment I mentioned, here is a sneak peek into what is to come. It was indeed a privillege to shoot amazing friends, Khee Hwa and Ee Ling. Thanks for having me as your official photographer (alongside Frederick Yap) and I had a great time shooting your beautiful wedding. 

I wish the both of you, Khee Hwa and Ee Ling abundant blessings from the Lord and be happy always!


  1. wow, robin u really like to eat do you...hahaha...btw stunning shots as always, especially the first one...

    1. Hi Amir,
      Thanks for the kind words. Oh yes, I love to eat

  2. Beautiful collection of pictures.

  3. a sumptuous serving of food photgraphy ...:)

  4. hi robin your blog is great. great pictures.

    which image processing program you are using?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Kindly read this blog entry:

  5. If I ever go to Aus or Perth, I would probably be so deliriously happy shooting every single dish I had. YUMS. They were shot with the 25mm right?

  6. All that meat and no meat pies? Wow! :-D

    As usual, great stuff.

    I know that you love your fixed focal length lenses but I bet you would have wished for the 11-22mm lens with you for a few shots.

    1. Hi Nobuyuki-san,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes I did have meat pie but I did not take a photo of that!
      And you were right, I did miss my 11-22mm.

  7. Great set of photos Robin, like always. The black swan and the shades stand out; wow!

    1. Thanks Wolfgang, I like that black swan photo too!

  8. Robin!! You made me super hungry. Damn, your food shots look so F'ing delicious!

    1. Eugene,
      I live to eat, so yeah more food photos!

  9. Many really, REALLY fantastic shots in there. Your work is really a ever-improving pleasure to look at - the food shots are superb (and making one HUNGRY!); the product shots (beer) are excellent, the wedding shots amazing and the scenics mostly outstanding. I love it that you're experimenting with abstracts a bit.

    Always a pleasure to come back and enjoy your work, and read your (travel and otherwise) experiences. Brilliant work.

    1. Hi Andre,
      Thanks again for the kind compliments. I love food so naturally I do shoot a lot of food photos. It is my pleasure to share the photos!

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  11. I think you almost enjoy photographing your "food" more than eating it......just kidding. Wonderful food shots. I like the brewery shot at the end also the metal tones against the people...nice.

    1. hi Shadowman,
      Oh no I enjoy eating the food more than anything else.
      Thanks for the kind words, and I do love that brewery shot!

  12. Wow, amazing photos and great IQ. Your gears are really awesome. As usual, a joy to visit your blog.

    1. Hey Alexander,
      Olympus rocks! Thanks for the kind words and visits

  13. Hi Robin!
    Your photos make me want to travel to Australia just to eat at Little Creature's. I serve drinks in Germany, come and take photos at my place some day! ;)

    1. Hey Florian, thanks for the kind words. Would love to visit Germany some day!

  14. Hi Robin, what a lovely series of photos!!!

  15. Great shots. Helping me to make a decision on whether or not to fully go m4/3.