Olympus Photowalk at Petaling Street

Early this morning there was an official Olympus Photowalk in Petaling Street, and I had the privilege to lead the group for some awesome shutter therapy action. You have got to have an Olympus camera to join in the fun, and it was a group of crazy, fun-lover, Olympus fans coming together, attacking the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It was nice to see so many Olympus users being out there making some awesome images happen. If you are in Kuala Lumpur and you are using Olympus, please do join us in future outings and activities. We will have more and more activities coming up, and will be announced at Olympus Malaysia's official Facebook Page here (click). 

Got Olympus?

Portrait of Stranger 1
The popularly asked question would be how I approach strangers on the street. I did not really have any techniques or secrets, I just walked right up and took the photograph. Seriously. And this image was also taken to showcase how sharp Olympus M.Zuiko lenses are. You often see my images shown here and it was difficult to tell if they were genuine or not, but seeing me taking this image live, and previewing the magnified view on playback via the camera screen, zoomed in 100% showing the sharpness and detail of the eye, I do not think there was any way to deny that the images were as what they were shot straight out of camera. 

100% crop from previous image. 

Took this image to show that Olympus is capable to deliver shallow depth of field shots, and shared some basic techniques while shooting in accomplishing this "blur background" effect. 

Moving shoes. 
Olympus Autofocus, world's fastest, and some say better than what other new cameras that just recently came out and claimed to be fastest (all false claims so far, Olympus is still AF king for now)

Shadow and Light

Facial Hair


Portrait of a Stranger 2

Lottery 3

Portrait of a Stranger 3

Hanging Out 1

Hanging Out 2

The purpose of this walkabout was to encourage our existing Olympus users to go out and shoot more. It was after all, through shooting that we can enjoy photography, and what better way to do so by doing it together with a group of passionate similar system camera users. Olympus community is growing, and we will continue to ensure that they grow. Indeed there was a lot that everyone can learn from each other, and I did what I can to share random tips and tricks about using Olympus system, as well as photography basics dos and don'ts while shooting on the street. Even simple questions such as getting the focusing right or metering for the right exposure, everyone should benefit from such large group outing. 

I also brought along some lenses, the new M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8, 75mm F1.8 as well as the 9mm F8 fisheye body cap lens for every one to try, if they wanted to. 

Here are photographs of everyone in action!

Anna in action with OM-D

Jase shooting flowers, with an E-M1

Shooting Strangers close up. 

Zul utilizing the tilt screen of his PEN E-PL5 

Joelyn having a go with low angle

Scott, travelling all the way from Ipoh just for this event!

Lestony, and our Olympus' very own Desmond. 

Puddle of Water

Tian Chad, you sure you ok without a fisheye lens?

Popular for just the day

The Street is MINE

Photo of myself, by Raja Indra Putra

The ultimate EPIC shot of the day, SELFIE with 9mm F8 fisheye body cap lens on my E-PL5 which has a flip LCD screen that goes all the way 180 degrees so that I can compose everyone into the shot. 

To all who came to this walkabout, I thank you for participating. I hope you have gained some friends, and taken pride in Olympus system, which is a great system that has won many awards and positive reviews. I also hope you have learned a thing or two from this outing about your camera, as well as photography in general. More importantly, I sincerely hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the outing. I know I did!

I can't wait to have another photowalk!


  1. Coolest and fun times you all must have had. :)

  2. I can't wait for the next photowalk and hope I won't miss it again.

  3. Wa, very big group. Join you next time.

  4. Just out of idle curiosity, why is the group shoeless at times in certain photos?

  5. It looks like the barefoot was around a temple.
    Nice work Robin and friends!

  6. Dear Robin, very happy to see people who loves to use Olympus camera to gather together. BTW is it possible to buy the OM-D Polo shirt from Olympus Malaysia?

  7. What lens is used for Portrait of a Stranger 1? My guess is 25 1.8 because it seems to have a very natural perspective.

  8. Hi Robin,

    I hope you're well. You are saying that these shots are out of the camera shots. Is there any chance you could share your JPEG settings? I usually shot raw, but as I use Olympus Viewer, so the same settings would be applied to the RAW files.

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. Robin - what lens was used on picture of stranger 2 and 3 and the the Bus picture ?

  10. Looked like you had a lot of fun. That's what taking photographs should be IMO . . .

  11. Thanks for organising this photowalk & the many tips. Finally I can join in one of ur shutter therapy session! woohoo! Looking forward to more shutter therapy sessions led by you.

  12. So nice to see folks come together and have a fun time shooting their cameras!

  13. Enjoyed this photowalk with you, friendly and helpful. Please organize more of similar activity for Olympus users.

  14. Hi Robin,

    Will love to hook up with you to go on one of your photo therapy session when I'm in KL someday. I'm from Canada :)

  15. Hahaha Robin, I usually use fisheye for selfie. Other than that I like what I was using that day. You and Jackie gave the deadliest Olympus poison to me, but I quite like it =) Thank you for this opportunity! Now gonna process the photos I took and share with you guys~

    Kindly give me some advice as I am totally newbie for Olympus camera system! Stay tuned~