Exploring Village Life With Panasonic Lumix LX10

During my recent trip back home to Kuching, Borneo back in December 2022, I followed my friend Kieron Long (Leica Ambassador, Malaysia) to a nearby fishing village for some shutter clicking adventure. I only had one camera with me for that short trip, the Panasonic LX10, and this particular outing was totally unplanned. We walked around the village area, speaking with the friendly locals and of course along the way got some cool portraits of them. It was a fun day out, and I really love the slower pace and relaxing vibes of rural settlements, versus what I normally get from urban city life. I did a POV video for this session, you can watch it here (click). 

For travel and some documentary work, I think a compact camera truly shines. Easy to bring around without adding bulk or weight, and the 1 inch image sensor in the LX10 performed admirably under good light. I also treasure the versatile zoom range of the lens, allowing me to do more with such a small package. I should definitely explore more locations outside of the city!

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  1. Wow photos here look soo much better than youtube! do you think the longer lens of TZ100 is too dark and such results aren't obtainable?

    1. It all depends on your use case scenario. If you shoot a lot in bright areas (outdoor) then it should be fine. If you do a lot of low light, or indoor shooting then the LX10 makes more sense