Behind The Scenes POV Video Shots

The cool thing about having friends tagging along for a photowalk is having some extra photos of myself in action, which can be quite interesting, and I guess I can share them here too! Being a photographer myself I am used to be behind the camera, not in front. Special thanks for Azul and Ripi for these photos! 

I want to talk a little but about the last photograph of me holding one camera in each hand. This was not supposed to happen. 

In an ideal situation, the action camera can be magnetically mounted on my chest via a supplied accessory necklace, freeing both my hands to control the main camera. On that particular day I forgot to bring that said necklace, so I had no way to stick the action camera on myself and I resorted to the more difficult solution, holding it with my hand instead. It was no easy feat controlling two cameras at once. But I think I managed myself quite well. And the fact that I can freely direct the action camera with my hand also means there was less chance of me missing my shot, or having the subject I wanted to record too far off center which was often the case when I had it mounted on my chest. And the extra battery module on the action cam (which was not available for the chest mount) also meant I had to worry less about conserving battery while the action camera was shooting POV video. 

In case you missed the POV video you can check it out here (click). 

I have a lot of complains about the DJI Action 2. The footage is garbage. The 4K video does not look 4K at all, it looks like over sharpened full HD with poor contrast and fine detail retention. Then the color is not so pleasing to look at, looking very digital and lacks the "natural, realistic" look. I also don't like the terrible battery life. 

Having said all that, I must admit the built in microphone in the Action 2 was very impressive, and I treasure this a lot, the convenience of not having to deal with yet another external device, it does simplify my workflow doing POV video. The built in mic is so good I can just run and gun with it, and at this moment I don't think any other action camera competitors, not even GoPro has such high quality audio built in. 

I now use the action camera only for POV video, because of convenience. Even for my own personal vlogs (secondary channel, non photography content) I have started to use my Olympus gear more often, because I just cannot stand how poor the footage from the action camera looks. The quality difference is day and night if compared to what my OM-D cameras can do, and I acknowledge that was not a fair comparison. Nevertheless, I will continue to use the DJI Action 2 for my POV videos, which I enjoy doing so so so much, and hopefully there will be bigger upgrades to the action camera world sooner than later. 

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